KNL Holdings offers commercial storage and shipment for grain and similar materials

By: Ateffner Lind

With capacities ranging up to the tens of thousands of pounds, every shipment of grain (or a similar product) is a major one where even a small mistake can have a big impact on profit. That's why commercial haulers need to be strong enough to deal with even the heaviest loads and deliver the product safely to its destination while simultaneously being light enough to stay efficient with fuel usage and safe enough to protect both the driver and everyone else on the road.

At KNL Holdings, LLC, we've carefully examined each aspect of our customers' needs prior to creating commercial trailers for hauling grain across the country. Our trailers were then built based on these specifications, helping to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. Our primary trailers focused on grain transportation use a rugged aluminum design that can withstand some exterior troubles (such as hail if the vehicle is moving through a stormy region) as well as the interior impact of many small, often hard objects being blasted into and out of the trailer. This is particularly important for the grain trailers, since they're designed for quick and easy unloading once they've reached their destination. Whether it's moving across rocky mountain highways, through snowy field, across the heated desert, or through the swamps and marshes, our trailers are designed to protect their contents and bring them safely to wherever they're going.

However, as important as transportation is, it's also important to know exactly what you're going to do with your products once they've arrived. The bigger your fleet is, the more important it is to have adequate storage at your facility. Failure to do so can leave products lying around when they should be moving, cutting into the profit that your vehicles could be bringing you. In the worse case scenario, this could mean literally tens of thousands of pounds of grain (or another product) just sitting there. Grain storage bins are the simple and effective solution to the problem, as long as a few simple rules are followed. The most obvious, of course, is that the bin needs to be large enough to hold everything from a truck, which can be harder to arrange when the commercial trailers and the grain storage bins are brought from different manufacturers. Our storage units are specifically designed in order to hold all the contents of our grain trailers, ensuring an easier logistics chain for your company.

Efficiency and quality is the goal of KNL Holdings, LLC. From our cost-efficient and time-efficient transportation and loading to sturdy vehicles, easy maintenance and cleaning, high capacity, and superior handling at all times, we've worked to make each of our products the best possible choice. For more information on our trailers, where you can find an authorized dealer of KNL Holdings, LLC products, or to speak with a company representative for more information on how our products may be able to support your needs, visit us online.

KNL Holdings, LLC and the Peerless Trailers line - Safety, Durability, Efficiency, Profitability, and Serviceability all in one affordable package.

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At KNL Holdings, LLC, we've carefully examined each aspect of our customers' needs prior to creating commercial trailers for hauling grain across the country.

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