KIT Rides Again

By: Dermot OCondell

Anybody who watched the first series with the "Hoff" remembers Kit, the Knight Rider car. The original car was a Trans am Firebird, and was really a beautiful thing. Possibly its most distinctive quality - aside from the pedantic and grouchy speaking personal computer - was the strip of red lights across the hood. They would all flash in sequence and give off various sounds as the camera did a close-up of it.

I guess the new Knight Rider series requires a new Kit, which they definitely haven't dilly-dallied to change matters up a little. Though they still utilise a black, American-made muscle car, everything else has changed. The new Kit is really a Mustang - and a trully revved up one at that. According to what I've read about it, the car is a Mustang Shelby GT 500. It decidedly has a bigger, stronger feel to it than the first one. Whenever you looked at that original Kit, you nearly could see how it would be able to leap into the air. This new one, nonetheless, seems very heavy and more rugged. It will be easier for viewers to believe it when the Mustang repels ammunition as if they were rain drops.

The one thing I don't like about the new Kit is the fact that it no longer has the luminous strip of red lights on it. Still, it does have a variety of neat high-tech widgets that wasn't there on the last one. There is a TV screen inside that will display cool images as KIT the car speaks. I'm certain the special effects will be better as well, and the weapons might be a lot more high-tech. There are quite a few changes in the Knight Rider car, nevertheless, I'm certain perhaps the most die hard purists will be able to be happy about the Mustang. I know I am already slobbering at the prospect of seening it chase villains.

Seemingly, the first Kit has been put on the market.I'm not surprised by this. With all the promotion that the new series is having as a consequence of its revival, the owner of the first one is in all likelihood reckoning that she will be able to get a a nice little sum out of the sale. And it surely will cost quite a bit. I've learned that the cost of the Kit was almost 200,000 dollars - Not exactly chump change. I'm sort of envious of whoever buys it. I was a big fan of the first series myself.

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