Jusuru Lead Creation System

By: Scott Marvin

Jusuru is a fantastic new multi-level marketing company that sells a healthy beverage. Some of the special Jusuru ingredients are BioCell Collagen, Amino Acids, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants, Resveratrol and Essential Fatty Acids. This secret combination of the best ingredients will make you look younger and feel great. I thank Jusuru for making a wonderful product.

Jusuru has also designed a dynamite compensation plan and has already begun to grow at a rapid rate. Below is a method of marketing that will get your Jusuru business growing fast with a continued supply of fresh prospects.

A difficulty for networkers is developing a way to generate leads. I am will reveal to you a system I use on the internet that will keep you busy with new and quality prospects everyday to help give your Jusuru business a gigantic boost.

Here are 5 components to the plan


Marketing is essential to generate leads. But before I go into marketing let me first tell you what it isn't. Marketing is not cold calling, talking to strangers, chasing your family and friends or putting out flyers. Those things are not marketing they are sales. Sales are important but marketing is a different animal.

Once you put marketing into action your Jusuru prospects will be attracted to you. In other words, marketing delivers business to you. Instead of you chasing down leads they will be chasing you down and inquiring about your business. Wouldn't it be much easier if your prospects were eager to join you in your business?

Online Marketing is still in an infant stage but it has already become a outrageous way to get leads. I have spent a great deal of time working under some of the top internet marketers and have put together a system that works like magic.

Funded Proposal

For you MLM old timers you might remember the Amway days where you could buy a box of cassette tapes to hand out to prospects. As time went by we discovered VCR tapes and eventually DVD's.. In order to get these sales tools you had to buy them from someone in your upline who had created them. This made the leader more money outside of the MLM business which would allow them to fund more advertising.

The same thing can be done on the internet and it's the new best way. I use over 20 unique funded proposals. Some call these affiliates and they create multiple streams of income. This puts immediate cash in your bank while you grow your Jusuru business.

Build A List

How so many people miss this I will never understand. The power is in the list. What I mean is you need a page where people can opt-in and actually become a lead. When they do this they are placed on your list. Once they get on your list the sales funnel starts to go into action and takes them down a sales funnel. You also have the ability to market special products or events to your list. If you're involved with internet marketing you must build your list. As your list grows over time it will pay you more and more money. One key you must understand is this is your list and not a list for Jusuru or some other company. Owning your own list is key.

Self Branding

It is estimated that only around 3% of network marketers understand branding. I'll paint you a picture. Let's take a look at real estate agents. Realtors want to sell houses but what do you often see in their advertising? They brand themselves as an expert in their industry. Network marketing works the same. To be the best and be at the top you must promote YOU! People follow leaders and you might not know this but people don't want to be pitched on a company or a product. They want someone to show them how to market. What would you do if your MLM kicks you out? I recently had a conversation with a lady who reached a sales goal in her network marketing company. She was supposed to get an $11,000 bonus but her MLM paused her membership for 3 days which was just long enough to keep her from qualifying. You can imagine how she felt but what could you do in this situation If you have branded yourself you will take your team with you. They followed you not the company. If you don't have that following then you are starting from scratch. Your business is YOU and not your MLM. It's time to start think the right way.

A Web Page That Drives Sales

Naturally an online marketing system needs a web page but not a Jusuru web site that everyone else has. You need a website that offers an extreme amount of value to your team and can teach and train them in the area of online marketing. This web site must also drive your leads right down a path to where they will be presented with your Jusuru opportunity. This keeps your marketing generic and allows you to create a relationship with your prospect first before closing them. You simply give value and leadership on the front end and sell Jusuru on the back.

This exact marketing formula has led my team to being the fastest growing MLM team in the history on network marketing. We have broken all records and sponsored more reps faster than any team and any company. It's because we understand that this is a marketing business and not so much a sales business.

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Scott Marvin's article on Jusuru helps network marketer's discover a lucrative way to generate leads. You can find out more and get Scott's free marketing tips at his blog.

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