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By: Russell

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You have just graduated from College and “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW” is the question you hear over and over from everyone. Your grandpa Fred at Sunday dinner says, “THAT YOUNG FELLA NAMED STEWART NEXT DOOR TO YOUR GRANDMA AND I IS IN PHARMACEUTICAL SALES.” We saw him last week in Dr. Smith’s office. In fact, he’s doing great and he loves his job. Have you ever looked into it this career he says?
Once you realize it’s the Stewart with the buck teeth from grammar school who ate the live cricket on the playground years ago, you can’t believe it! You say, “I KNOW THAT GUY.” I saw him last week dressed to the tee walking out on the street like Prince William from the UK. You’re a little surprised that this guy could have gotten into the industry; you’ve heard that the pharmaceutical industry is a competitive field, and you know Stewart wasn’t exactly the cream of the crop among you and your childhood friends. However, Stewart knew how to get into the exciting and well paying pharmaceutical industry while you sit idle without a job answering 20 questions. So how did Stewart do it? How did he get into the pharmaceutical industry?
On the surface, drug sales representatives are those evil and well dressed people that you love to hate who just stroll straight the into doctor’s offices while you sit there waiting two hours to have your bruised leg checked out. This is only what the “general public” sees and knows about the profession. The other parts involve planning pre-call planning objectives and competitive analysis in order to make sure that sales representatives make calls that are effective. That is what most people in the general public do not see.
A pharmaceutical sales representative comes with the responsibility of being the key contact between the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry. This job involves a challenge each and every day. No two days are ever the same. Timing also plays a very important role in this job.
Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives maintain a tight schedule so that important sales calls are made. Some calls need appointments, while others do not. This does not even take into account the mood of the physician when a representative makes contact. The experience sometimes is not a pleasant one.
So are you the right person for this job? Ask yourself these questions?
Ask yourself if you are:

A Self-Starter- Pharmaceutical representatives don’t work in a regular office with a boss who watches their every move like a hawk. Instead, they work autonomously, going out on calls to sell. That means if you’re going to be a rep, you’ve got to be able to make a schedule and stick to it. It goes without saying that you are also a driven individual who has a strong work ethic.

A Great Time Manager- As I already said, you’ve got to be able to line up your sales calls/appointments and get on them. If you are not in the car, on the road either to or from a sales call or scheduling one with a hard to see doctor, you are not making money. Bad news, if you can’t manage time right now you cannot succeed in this industry.

A Good Communicator- When it counts, can you get your point across with people that are well educated and bright.

A Team Player- You are able to operate in a way that makes your team think you’re truly an asset. You are happy to recognize others’ success and point out their strengths.

Remember Stewart? He has exemplified these characteristics in his pharmaceutical career. Moreover, he was able to do this on a pharmaceutical sales interview. What really matters is who you are, and not what people think you are. The importance of a solid pharmaceutical sales interview is immeasurable. If you convey confidence and execute your interview strategy, you are on your way to an exciting and well paid career as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Logging onto http://www.drugrepcareer.com/ provides valuable information to get started.

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Russell Sabella was a former Senior Sales Representative with GlaxoSmithKline in the Bronx, NY from April 2004 until June of 2008. He was won many accolades from the company and has been a Regional meeting facilitator, a top ten overall NYC ranking in the sales force in 2005 and a Senior Sales Representative in 2006 among the many achievements.

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