Junk Car Selling: Have It Your Way

By: Stella Lewis

You have finally decided to clear your backyard of all the wrecked cars you had accumulated in the past, say, 3-5 years. Letís just assume that you have two cars at the least and five cars at the most. Now, you get quite a handful if you sell them to junk car companies. However, in order to get the most out of them, you have to be smarter and carefully weigh your offers. It is a plus if a junk car company has a great free junk cars towing service. But you will have to focus your attention on the prices the company offers for your junk cars.

You see, companies can give up to one thousand dollars for a junk car. Of course, there are considerations. If the car is still good enough to pass as a second-hand car, then you get maximum compensation. If it is damaged beyond repair, you canít complain with whatever price the company offers for your car. The only materials that can be salvaged from that deformity are metal scraps. You have no choice but take what you can get. It will be a real treat if the company offers its free junk cars towing for your no-good car.

Even if this is how the junk car trade goes, you can still get your way with a little charm and an ounce of bargaining. The thing is that some people always do this trick not only in the buy and sell industry but in other aspects of their lifestyle as well. Bargaining and charm can be quite a pair. You just have to know how to wield them. It is actually up to your personality actually. If you are innately sweet, then this is not that big a challenge. However, if you are the opposite of sweet, then you better find a friend or relative that can do the bargaining for you. You can do that, or you can start practicing now.

Our goal here is to get more than the usual cash other people get from selling junk cars. Call it a bargaining method. Call it strategic flirting. You can still end up with your desired price--however you may label your process. Of course, you can use the pure bargaining method if you do not have the needed charm, given that you have the talent to persuade. You can even offer not to avail of the companyís free junk cars towing service if they agree to raise their offer. That is also plausible. All you have to do is look for a junk car company that is gullible enough to fall for your offers.

You know what? If your offer of not availing the companyís free junk cars towing service does not work, there are still a number of bargains and offers you can come up with. You can come up with the perfect offer if you are cunning enough. Practice a lot bargaining first. You can do it with your friends or even with the local market vendors. You will know it when you are ready.

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