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By: Marcus

So, you are considering a legal career, but donít know where to begin. Donít worry; youíre not alone. Most high school grads face this problem. What you need to do right away is to get away from your TV sets and look sincerely for available courses in law and court support services, instead of watching daily law shows.

Step one is to take off your rose-coloured glasses, and get a sneak peek into reality. This means that the real world doesnít operate the way you see things happening in your favourite TV shows. There are no short cuts to success. You will have to launch yourself into the heart of action and learn the trade by having it drilled into you.

Research, research and research until you know what goes into building a successful legal career. Find out what knowledge, skill set and certification you will need. One of the best ways to drive you through is to educate yourself. Remember clarity plays a crucial role. Else youíll find yourself struggling hard, only to fail.

Understand that law is a specialized discipline. And no matter which line you choose for yourself, youíll need a professional diploma or court certificate. A large number of post-secondary courses are available in colleges throughout Canada. However, if you wish to quickly get to the world of work, you may consider one-year course in court support from Centennial College, Toronto.

Although itís a one year certification course but be prepared for the intensive studies, assignments and hands-on opportunities. You will not only have to take classroom sessions to understand Canadian legal system, but also have to complete individual and team assignments, participate in mock court tribunals and regularly attend the family, criminal, civil, small claims, tribunal and municipal court sessions.

And let me tell you, it doesnít end here. You are also expected to do some additional research and read law journals and magazines, to enhance your understanding. This will help you broaden your academic command of legal theories, concepts and practices. And if you have strong fundamentals, you can easily apply them in actual courtroom sessions. Centennial understands this and therefore, gives you access to valuable resources through online means and library. The faculty work closely with you to maximize your learning and shadowing experience.

Apart from this, what all you need to know is career prospects upon graduation. As a graduate of this program, you will be able to work as a court clerk. However, employment prospects completely depend upon the depth of knowledge and skills you have acquired. Moreover, your networking and communication skills play a crucial role in getting you hired.

During your course, you get to work alongside judges, lawyers and other courtroom personnel. The way you communicate and perform can make or break your chances in front of them. They are always in search of professionals who not only are knowledgeable and certified but are able to apply their knowledge into practice.

Remember, a law college offers you valuable and versatile knowledge and skills. However, itís you who needs to put continuous effort to upgrade your knowledge and skills to sustain and grow in your career.

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Author asks students to take off rose-coloured glasses and conduct a reality check. He says that there are no shortcuts for a successful Court Support Services career and students will have to put a lot of efforts to get best education and make the best use of their time at the college.

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