Jump Experts (Product Review)

By: Jayden Shemayah

While other programs are the thoughts of one person on which movements, training, diet, etc. can best improve your vertical jumping ability, Jump Experts travels a different route. While the website states that there are information from "13" experts, there are in fact EIGHTEEN of the best "vertical jump" experts in the world that played a part in this project. These are put together into one product that definitely covers training to improve your vertical jump from every direction possible. You will find out about stair running, sprints, squats, kettle balls, "band" exercises, stretching, and several others. You will also find out about warm ups, warm downs, techniques, muscle function, and other "technical" aspects involved in jumping.

Virgil Aponte is the "author" of the book. He is the mastermind of the idea of gathering information from multiple sources, contacted all of them and compiled their contributions into a excellent program! The principles taught in this material have been used by hundreds (if not thousands) of the top athletes in the world - professional players in the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, & MLS; NCAA players; and Olympic athletes from lots of countries.

This is an eight week curriculum originally intended to improve an players's vertical jump for basketball. But, the training included is applicable to any sport where being able to jump gives you an advantage (football, soccer, volleyball, etc.)

Every expert provides their own individual nuances on vertical jump training as well as body part functions, recommended exercises, what TO do and what NOT TO do, exact applications, etc. Because of this, Jump Experts may be the most extensive and comprehensive compilation of training material on increasing your vertical jump. As a matter of fact, a couple of the experts that Vince got to contribute are also the authors of their own programs.

As a bonus for buying The Jump Experts, you will also receive three additional hours of audio interviews with the contributors to this program. There are also five additional books included that encompass additional health, diet, stretching, and exercise topics. And, just in case you thinkk the material may get outdated, you also get all future updates that may ever become available for this program!

This program provides all the information you will need to improve your jumping ability quickly!

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