Joining Tools Used In Woodworking

By: James Marshell

Now, there are hundreds of hand tools and woodworking power tools available out there that can be used in woodworking and a smart woodworker who knows his craft should know what tools he should have in his possession to make his work speak for itself.

Remember, joining depends on a lot of factors such as the quality of the wood, cut and shape. You can use the following tools to join two different pieces of wood flawlessly:

Hammers/Claw Hammers

Hammer is an ordinary but one of the most useful hand tools around. Depending upon the nature of your project, you can use a claw hammer to drive nails into the wood to join the pieces. Claw hammer comes with a claw on the other side that can be used to pull the nails out. Sometimes the nails get bent or you put them in a wrong spot and that’s when a claw hammer can be quite useful.

Hammers come in variety of types with different types of grips made of plastic, wood, rubber or metal. Pick the one with the most comfortable grip. You can also use a wooden mallet to drive nails. Mallet is just like a hammer but with a much larger head on the top.


Clamps are commonly used by woodworkers to join two pieces of wood after gluing them. They are mostly used in the making of shelves, closets and cupboards. There are various types of clamps including C-clamps, band clamps, F-clamps and miter clamps that are used according to the nature of the project. For a woodworker it’s a good idea to keep some of the clamps handy all the time.


For joining purposes, you can also use screws instead of nails and to drive screws in you will need screwdrivers. When you are shopping for woodworking power tools, you can buy cordless tools such as power screwdrivers and drills in order to increase your efficiency and productivity. Cordless screwdrivers make the process of driving screws quicker and much more convenient.

If you are buying a power cordless screwdriver then the head is replaceable, however, if you are going for the more traditional hand screwdriver, you should buy all three major types of screwdrivers namely flathead, Robertson and Phillips head.

Vise Grips and Dowels

To join the two pieces of wood, you can also use vise grips and dowels. Vise grips are like mechanical fasteners that are used to hold two pieces together permanently. Carpenters usually go with various types of vises; however bench vise, woodworker’s vise and workshop vise are more commonly used than other types.

Dowel is a thin cylindrical pin made of wood that is used to support a wooden joint. If you want to make your joints stronger, using dowels would do the job for you.

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