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By: Gurleen kour

The job industry is getting very vast these days. With the increase in competition due to the global scenario the demand of skilled and qualified labour is increasing. The job market keeps on facing ups and downs, due to the job opportunities in the respective sectors. The candidates looking for the job, has to be the best among the lot and should be able to present himself as a profitable asset for the organisation. One industry, which inspite of the slowdown or any other hurdles, keeps on growing is the advertising industry. Advertising industry has proved to be the best tool for the organisations and brands to be able to reach to their target audiences and convey their message at the right time.

For grabbing a job in the advertising industry, a student has to be well equipped with the skills of excellent writing and oral communication, great body language, power of persuasion, ability to position his brand best among the rest, and many others. There are many courses which educated and train the student according to the market standards and requirements. The colleges providing such courses mainly come under the title of professional colleges, because they prepares students for going and working direct into the respective industries. Advertising is a part of mass communication and students with mass communication as their graduation course mostly opt for advertising as their majors or post graduation. There are degrees and diplomas both available in the course of advertising.

An advertising professional has to be very creative and should be a person with multi- tasking ability. Following are some of the factors and qualities which are required to do a successful and productive job in the advertising industry:

1.) Innovation and creativity are the basics of an advertising job, unless a person is able to think, he will not be able to stay long in the advertising industry.

2.) Power of expression: an individual must be able to express his ideas and views in the best and easiest way, so that the common masses are able to understand them.

3.) Persuasiveness: persuasion is the quality, which a person in the advertising job, needs to put in his work and writing, to be able to influence the people to buy the product or services, he is advertising for.

4.) Uniqueness: the advertisement, or the body copy of the ad should be unique and unusual to attract the interest of the general masses, it should have the power to turn heads and create willingness in the people to buy the product.

5.) Visually attractive: what looks beautiful and attractive is what gets sold out, so the visual appeal of the advertisement, whether its for print or broadcast, should be in accordance to the rules of advertising industry.

6.) Referring the target audience: the advertisement should always be made, keeping in mind the interests and habits of the target audience. If the appeal or the approach used, does not correspond to the mindset of the target audience, then itís a mere waste for the creator of the advertisement.

The sole purpose of the advertiser is to bring the customer to the door of the shop, rest is to be followed by the sales person. The job opportunities in the advertising industry is endless, due to the increasing competition, every brand and product wants to portray themselves as the best brand present in the market, for which they use the tool of advertising. The two main areas in which advertising jobs are available are the in- house agencies and the advertising consultancies or agencies. The in- house advertising agency, is a part of the organisation, working only for the companyís personal brand, keeping track of the competitors activities and moves, whereas, the advertising consultancies, have numerous clients, for whom they design and produce advertising materials. Thus, we can say, the advertising industry is a huge industry, storing large number of job opportunities for the creative and efficient employers, who want to prove themselves and earn fame and name through their work.

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