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Everyone comes at this point in their life, what’s next after graduation and studies. They aim is to start a creative and prosperous career. Before deciding on your career, it is a wise idea to learn everything about various fields of industries. Nowadays it is more often in the first job, the individual is supposed to join in an extensive training program which helps them to get used to specific industrial standards. Generally many individuals during the training itself decides to quit, thinking that they are not suitable for the offered job profile or the kind of work they will be doing does not match with what they are trained for. This is something that happens in almost all the industries, except an animation industry.

Animation industry is a wide field covering aspects that includes movie animation, advertisement, automobiles, video games animation, architect, web design animation and much more. For an individual seeking job in animation should carefully select a specific field form the vast array of animation industry. Furthermore, animation job itself is divided into four categories; they are as follows:

1. Stop motion animation job: it is an animation job where an animator manipulates a physical object to make it appear to be moving on its own. Clay figures or dolls are used in this type of animation. Generally it is used in movies. James Cameron’s, “The Terminator” for example, used this type of animation.

2. Traditional hand drawn animation job: in this type of animation, lots of sketches are drawn which differs slightly from the other. Then, they are arranged sequence wise and displayed quickly to create an animation effect. Walt Disney’s cartoon used this type of animation.

3. 2D Animation job: in this type of animation, an animator creates separate objects and layers and then renders it using various computer software applications. This type of animation is used where there is low bandwidth and fast rendering is required.

4. 3D Animation job: 3D animation is where all objects are built on computer screen and 3D figures are fitted on to a virtual skeleton. All the modern films and video games use this kind of animation.

Considering all the above factors in mind, the various animation industry field and types of animation itself; the individual should choose their animation job career accordingly. Different types of animation are used in different animation industry field. Both 2D and 3D animation is required to make a film or a video game. If an individual is clear regarding all the above mentioned factors, he/she will definitely prosper in the animation career.

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