Job Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

By: Gurleen kour

A company is totally dependent on its workers for its progress and growth. A good, intelligent and hard- working workforce can lead to great results. The benefits or the growth of the organisation is directly related to the employee’s promotion in his job status as well as in the terms of salary packages. These days, it is said, computers have overpowered the human mind, but the ultimate source which operates the computer machine is human only. Humans have to be computer literate, that is the sure shot addition made in the new era of technology.

Though, all the Job responsibilities of all the employees of the company are equally important and needed, but the job of a company secretary is the most manageable and accountable job. The role of workers from the top management to the bottom line is important crucial in its own ways, but secretary is the person, who has to execute her work with people at all the levels. Her profile is not restricted to a particular level, she is the one who fills the communication gap between the manager and the workers of the organisation.

Earlier this profession was mainly preferred for the women population, but these days no such stereotypes are followed and men equally compete in the race of acquiring a job in this profile. Company secretary is a esteemed profile, for which the candidate needs to be an accounts student. There is an institute, which regulates this course, known as The Institute of Company Secretary of India. To apply for this course, a person has to have commerce in his senior secondary education. After completing a course of CS- Company secretary and becoming a registered member of the institute, the student can apply for the job of company secretary in different companies and organisations. as per the title, the job responsibilities of a company secretary does not correspond to the literal meaning of its name. in fact, it is the managerial kind of a role, comprising all the discussion and interaction on the trustee, board and corporate level.

Some of the job responsibilities of a company secretary are:

1.) The legal matters of the company are to be kept in place and handled carefully by the secretary,

2.) Company secretary needs to ensure that, all the projects related to business management and affecting the economic condition of the company.

3.) He or she is said to be the backbone of the company, because he is supposed to handle all the internal communications, between the organisation.

4.) It is the company secretary, through whom all the legal papers, and communication deals goes to the top management of the company

5.) All the meetings for the managers are ought to be arranged by the Company secretary as well as need to be attended by him. It’s the part of his job, to keep a record of the meetings.

6.) Gone are the days of short hand writing and recording the communication, a CS needs to be skilled with the computer operating knowledge.

7.) In some companies, CS are also required to do the administrative duties, to check the maintenance of integrity and peace in the organisations.

8.) The company secretary is also required to present and write reports, for which he should possess excellent writing and oral communication skills.

9.) He should have a calm and composed attitude, which would help him in solving daily small problems

10.) Company secretary should know how to manage and handle crisis situations and must have the capability to solve out matters quickly to let a hassle free flow of work in the organisation

11.) The accounts and the finances of the organisation needs to handled well in place, which needs to be handled by the CS only.

Thus, we can say, job of a company secretary is quite tough and no less than cracking a nut, so one must be truly efficient and a real hard- worker to do justice with his job.

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