Job Description for Salespersons

By: Salvador Paez

Many people commonly exchange the words marketing and sales but in fact the two are very different things. Though both involve the exchange of products or services for money they go about things differently. Marketing is a bit more wide-scale while sales involves a lot of persuasion and direct interaction with clients. This article however is about sales and discusses thee qualities of salespeople.

People who work in sales are called by several names. These include brokers, salespeople,a gents and sales managers. As indicated by their different names, these people have unique ways of going about their work. Real estate salespeople for example, help people in buying property and goods. Pharmaceutical salespeople on the other hand must have a great understanding of pharmacy, medicine and the sciences before they can even think of selling their items to hospitals and health centers.

An expertise in the objects that they are selling is extremely vital for salespeople. If you are not familiar with the things you are selling, then you don't have any business selling it.

There are just about as many kinds of sales persons as there are products to sell. Sales brokers or seller agents, for example are the usual salespeople we are familiar with. What they do is represent their companies or employers and try to get a deal with their client.

Transaction brokers are the people who don't represent either of the parties involved in the purchase. They are usually involved in large transactions. The opposite of this is the disclosed dual agent, who represents both sides and is interested in making sure that both parties get a fair deal out of the exchange.

There are also the sales managers whose job is to actually implement sales strategies and other management techniques. They help coordinate the sales and marketing departments of their company, as well as manage the performance of the salespersons under them.

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