Italian Wine

By: Sarah Carlye

Italy is the world’s largest wine producer today. They have more than one million vineyards. In 2008 they made six billion liters of wine. The average Italian drinks 59 liters of wine per year (just under two bottles of wine per week) while the average American only drinks 7.7 liters of wine per year. Italy has the perfect environment to grow wine and it is combined with experienced winemakers who often come from generations of winemakers.

History of Winemaking

According to popular opinion, the Romans started the winemaking process in Italy. However, this isn’t true. Greek settlers as well as the previous dwellers of the Tuscany region began making wine in the second century BC. What is true is that the Romans were the pioneers of in both bottle and barrel winemaking.

Wines have been made from wild grapes (vitis vinifera) for thousands of years now. All of it began with the Greek colonization of Italy though. However, once the Romans defeated the Carthaginians the Viticulture really began to flourish in Italy. Huge plantations began springing up throughout Italy. These were run by a lot of slaves. One tactful measure that they did put into place was to prohibit anyone from being able to make wine outside of Italy. This allowed them to be able to trade their great Italian wine for slaves, especially slaves from Gaul (this is the early Celtic part of northern Europe). One thing that may surprise you though is that at this point in time it was customary to mix wine with water in order to improve the quality of the water, which may have been undrinkable otherwise. This is similar to how beer was used in medieval Europe.

The Wine Regions of Italy

Italy is one of the most suitable winemaking countries in the world. This is because of the long, narrow shape of their peninsula where grapes can be grown from the Alps to the shoreline. The extreme altitude range also enables wine to grow anywhere from sea level all the way to the high mountains. This allows Italian winemakers to create a variety of different kinds of unique wines. In Italy, there are actually 20 different winemaking regions throughout Italy.

Italian wine is exported throughout the world today. It is served with meals and also as a desert. Regardless to whether it is red, rose, sparkling, or white, it is known for its beautiful taste and flavor. What better way to enjoy an Italian wine, than with an Italian dinner, like at Mama Jennie’s Italian Restaurant (located in Miami, Florida and Davie, Florida)? You can eat in, order out, or have an event or gathering catered by Mama Jennie’s.

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