Italian Restaurant Menus

By: Sarah Carlye

The menu is one of the most important elements of an Italian restaurant. This is because whatever is on your menu is what keeps you returning when it tastes great. For this reason, Italian restaurants put forth some careful consideration whenever they are planning the menus. However, an Italian restaurant doesn’t just think about what food to serve, but they also think about your menu’s layout and wording too. Many Italian restaurants will have the name of the dish in Italian and also in English with an English description.

An Italian restaurant menu, the layout is often very similar to most other restaurants. Usually you will see following:

• Italian appetizers
• Italian side dishes
• Italian lunch entrees
• Italian dinner entrees
• Beverages and drinks
• Wine list
• Italian and traditional deserts
• Children’s menu

Food on Italian Menus

Before an Italian restaurant can even begin to plan their menu they decide on what types and kinds of food they want to serve. Some Italian restaurants choose to keep it simple and serve pizza and Italian sandwiches. Other Italian restaurants choose to have a full menu of traditional and non-traditional Italian dishes available to choose from. Many Italian restaurants include some basic “American” foods, especially on their children’s menu.

Italian Restaurants’ Menus

Each Italian restaurant often tries to be unique in their menu design even if the menu has a traditional layout. The atmosphere of a restaurant often dictates its menu style. A pizza and sandwich restaurant will have different style menu than a fine Italian dining restaurant. Some of the categories may be different as well, like a pizza and sandwich restaurant won’t have an extensive wine menu or desert menu, but a fine Italian dinning restaurant will.

Italian Restaurant Menu Planning

When a restaurant starts putting together their menu, they usually start by dividing it into sections that include appetizers, drinks, salads, lunch, sandwiches, dinner and desserts. Then they can simply list the various wonderful and tasty dishes that they plan to serve. Of course, there is a lot more to planning a menu than simply deciding upon what foods you want to serve. Some Italian restaurants include the history of the restaurant and Italian customs.

Italian Menu’s Color Scheme, Graphics, and Design

Another very important thing that is considered is the theme and colors of the Italian restaurant menu. These things will be coordinated with the overall theme of the restaurant. Menus usually have high quality graphics to showcase the wonderful dishes that are served. Photographs of the food are often included or scenes from Italy. To go menus and catering menus are usually available that match the theme and color of the main menu for an Italian restaurant. The children’s menu is often included in the main menu, but the Italian restaurant will still have a separate children’s menu with coloring or writing activities on it.

Every Italian restaurant menu is unique. Some people even collect old Italian restaurant menus as a hobby.

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