It's Over - What Do I Have to Do Now?

By: Ray James

After you have attended a job interview, it is not a good idea to sit waiting near your phone for the offer of a position. Refrain from telephoning the interviewer immediately after the interview to make enquiries. A much more favorable alternative is to send a thank you note to the people responsible for the interview afterwards. Thank you letters should always express your gratitude towards the company for allowing you the opportunity and experience of an interview, and making the experience a memorable one. Through your thank you letter, you can reconfirm that you indeed wish to gain employment with the organization and indicate clearly that you are waiting positively to hear some good news from them in due time. If the interview was conducted by more than one interviewer then you must send a thank you letter to each one of the people involved.

It is also entirely appropriate to remind your potential employer, in this note, of the services that you are able to bring to the company and how these services will be of use to the company. Obviously, any thank you letter that you are prepared to send has to be well written, grammatically correct and void of spelling mistakes.

If you do not receive any response from the interviewer after a period of two weeks it would be appropriate to send an email or call the interviewer and check the progress of their decision. If a decision about you has yet to be decided then you may ask the interviewer as to when the decision is likely to be finalized. If the decision has already been finalized and you have not been successful then it is appropriate to ask the interviewer the reason for their decision. It is a good idea to get the exact feedback from the employer that may improve your chances of success at the next interview. Any relevant recommendations from the employer will be helpful for future interviews. If you receive notification from the company that another applicant was chosen it is advisable for you to send a reply to the interviewer. Thank them again for giving you the opportunity and have them understand that you will be interested for a similar position in future should it become available.

Quite a number of organizations will call people for a second interview, perhaps for a final ?cull? of applicants. By all means feel free to express your pleasure at being chosen for the second interview. Be sure to find out the format of the second interview and where and when it will be conducted. It is also a wise choice to ask for the name of the interviewer and their position in the company. You may also wish to ask for directions to the place of interview if it is being held in an area in which you are not familiar.

In the second interview, it is often possible to view first hand how the company operates, which is beneficial if you are concerned about any aspects of the position. It is always appreciated if you send a second thank you letter after this second interview and it is also a wise choice as they have taken the time to consider you especially.

If you are successful in gaining the position in the second interview then do not discuss the possible salary with the employer. This is not appropriate and may result in the employer changing their mind. If you are successful it is appropriate to enquire about the rules and regulations of the company, their dress code and your leave conditions.

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