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By: Adam Simmons

When a friend or loved one's birthday rolls around, it's all too easy to resort to predictable, uninspiring birthday presents, despite initial intentions of finding something truly unusual and original this year. We all know the typical list of traditional fare we're referring to here. For men it's always aftershave, a tie, a book, a generically masculine DVD, some beer, or the much beloved novelty socks. Women generally receive something along the lines of perfume, make-up, jewellery, candles, flowers, chocolates, or the trusty old pre-boxed set of matching toiletries.

Perhaps the reason we all end up falling back on these kinds of practical and predictable presents is that in all honesty, there's actually nothing really wrong with them. Admittedly they are a tad unoriginal and no one's going to be cooing is surprise when they rip off the wrapping paper to reveal a set of matching magnolia and ylang-ylang scented bubble bath and body lotion. Yet equally, these are generally gifts that are frequently given because you can't really go wrong with them – basically put, they're a safe bet. Generally speaking all men wear aftershave, watch DVDs and wear socks and most women use bubble bath, like flowers and enjoy eating chocolate. So what's the problem then?

Well, as we all know (because we've all received presents like this!), they're just a little on the boring side. They might be alright for an aunt you hardly ever see or whoever you got in the office secret Santa, but when it's the birthday of someone really special and you really want to let them know how much you care, a bunch of flowers or a pair of novelty socks hardly scream 'time and effort' do they? Instead they sheepishly suggest you either forgot it was their birthday and grabbed something on the way to the party, or didn't bother putting in too much thought.

Most of the time though, that isn't the case at all. Many of us fret for hours about what we're going to buy our friend or loved one for their birthday, toying with a variety of weird and wonderful ideas before bottling out and resorting to the safer option of a bottle of wine or a gift voucher. And we've all experienced the horrors of a shopping trip to buy presents! You set out quite happily thinking this will take an hour at the most and then five hours later you're still trawling round the local shopping centre, having gained nothing but a thumping headache from all that overly expensive coffee you've downed and a rather hefty car parking ticket!

Really, we should have all learnt by now that the answer to our present purchasing woes just isn't going to be found in the shops. With a limited number of shops and a limited amount of stock, your local high street can only offer so much in the way of potential presents. If you forget pounding the pavement and instead plonk yourself in front of your laptop, you're likely to have much more success!

The Internet is full of brilliant and unusual presents that you just wouldn't find in the shops and for something really special, there are many different personalised gifts to be bought on-line. Personalised gifts are so wonderful because not only do they show the birthday boy or girl that you've put a bit of effort in, they are also a gift that is unique to the recipient!

Personalised calendars make particularly great gifts for a number of reasons. There are hundreds of different personalised calendars out there to choose from, meaning not only are personalised calendars personalised with the recipient's name (featured in the images throughout), but you can also choose a calendar that is particularly relevant to them. Sports fans will love personalised calendars such as the ones featuring golf, football, cricket, rugby, motorsports and fishing. Those with a sweet tooth on the other hand will love the personalised calendars designed especially for chocolate lovers and music lovers will enjoy personalised calendars such as the 'music legends' one.

Personalised calendars are not only great gifts because they are so relevant and unique to the recipient, but unlike any other calendar, personalised calendars begin on any month you choose. This means that you can buy personalised calendars starting on the month of your friend or loved one's birthday, so they can start using it straight away! Personalised calendars are also a great way of reminding the birthday boy or girl how much you care about them for a whole year! So forget the stress of plodding round the shops and have a look on-line for some great gifts, including fabulous personalised calendars!

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