It Is Never Too Difficult To Buy A New Game

By: abfa

Buying new games is the heavenly experience for a gamer. Nothing smells better than a new case with the latest game CD. If you are a true gamer you would know this experience and would agree with me. But as the years are passing by and games are getting better with every new release, so is the price shooting upwards and making it more difficult to keep up with the purchases. If you do not believe me just visit a shop or a site that sell CDs and youíll cry out in agony at the skyrocketing prices of the games. One can only hope for a miracle to bring down the prices as incomes are just limited. Salaries and pocket money grow at a snailís pace while the prices look like they are injected with Nitrous Oxide.

I too am not heir to a fortune in billions so I have to work hard to make ends meet. When Iím done with playing a game which I bought some days weeks before, the urge to buy a new one arises and I stand in front of the game shop with mouth open drooling over the great display of new titles. The pangs of helplessness are enough to kill a gamer. The need to get cash for CDs gets too strong when you have a huge collection at home but have nothing to play. It may sound funny to many people and they would even think that gamers are insane when they stand in front of hundreds of games and say thereís nothing to play.

Well, I needed a solution and found one too. The huge collection almost cost me half of my entire lifeís earning. I could not invest more in my collection and needed a plan B to buy the new games I have been dreaming every night and spent most of my time watching the trailers. I thought why not recycle my library. After all I did not need those games anymore and I was not in a position to buy new ones too. The idea to sell CDs hit me and it was obvious this was the only way out. I searched for the ways to sell them all and get the desired amount so that I would be able to buy my wish list. I found the website which would buy all my used games and happily pay the amount to me against them.

So what do you think I did? I proceeded to sell and get cash for CDs. The process was easy and smooth and there were no hassles. I simply entered all the barcodes and saw my invoice get bigger. After entering all the UPC codes I simply choose to be paid by a check as I didnít have an online account. It was delivered by mail and I got it cashed. I rushed to the shop and and ordered all the titles like a boss. Now I have a twenty more games to try out which are sitting in my library. I now know what to do for a whole month and when Iíll be done with this collection, you can bet how Iíll get a new collection.

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