Isotopes Will They be Replaced?

By: CMAenergy

How mentally blind are those who think they need Isotopes!!br>
Consider what there has been in the past. Many have tried to figure out how CMA energy works. The problem is they all failed, And there is a good reason.

That is of little concern to us for obvious reasoning. But there is deep concern.

We know Isotopes will probably not be a necessary product that will need to be manufactured. If some people would get this through their skulls.

C.M.A. energy is the most important energy we need.

This energy will as we said replace every known source of energy. Why not listen to what is being said?

When in the past scientists and the like, had said and implied that they needed this energy as it would be the most useful source of energy. Because of their inability to figure this principle out. They have all given up and went on to other things.

Do you think we are kidding when we say this energy will do this?

This energy unfortunately we do not want to put any ones hopes up. But we do know of many things this will do and replace.

Here's the catch. Shall we say funding stops us from doing a complete and full research with what we are doing. Governments fund their universities and colleges, and definitely not privately funded research. This makes it tough to speed up research that is needed.
What would you do when they place piles of paper work in front of you and wanting to tell you they will tell you what, where and when and how you will do your research. For that reason we don't want nothing to do with them.

What would you do without giving away your secret? And how would you feel when you see what your doing will knowing replace the following:

All gas engines, All diesel engines, All hydro plants, All nuclear plants, All electric motors, All electric generators, would you believe Jet engines?

This will also have a profound effect in the following:

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David Chura is one of very few if not the only known research investigators in the field CMA energy, Dedicated who will stop global warming and learn the main causes of global warming Then feel good and learn a the secret how help save our earth.

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