Is your Press Release Ready for Submission? Things to Check For

By: Elisa Whealer

Your press release has been written. Ready to submit it? Sometimes in your eagerness to get it over it, you might feel that it is good to submit.
But wait, you feel the need to check your work few times. Your goal is to have interested journalists make a hot report on it. But what are the things you should be checking so that it is guaranteed its purpose.
Anyone who has done press writing realizes the ultimate challenge of submitting a press writing that will convince journalists to write about it. But what would it take to produce a perfect press release for the media to react positively? Journalists certainly look for the news value of any press release.
When writing for the press, you would try to mimick how these journalists think, what makes a story newsworthy to them. You must be careful and be thorough with your piece before you send it in. You do not want to submit it unless you have fully covered whatever things to be considered when aiming for a press release that is effective.
Important Things to Check Before You Submit Your Release
Have a real hard analysis of the main subject of your press release. Would it attract the media? Consider other notable happenings around your company. Weigh out which you believe might come out having a better chance to be newsworthy.
There might be more interesting news in your company that are sure to get the attention of the readers. Always be strategic in everything you do"in this case, ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the current press release that you are writing.
Be alert of all the details and facts. Without these important ingredients, you cannot deliver a completely wholesome story. Press people have a keen eye on details and completeness of any article.
Organized, straight to the point and precise press release will be more inviting to read than one with many rambling words, that are pointless and do not give more value to your story. Bear in mind the seasoned journalists who will be scrutinizing your writing. They have no time to spare, they want to get to the core the shortest way, not through long series of unnecessary train of words.
Be concise and succinct in your writing. Do not be tempted to use superfluous words that can annoy your readers instead of getting their interest fixed to your press release. As in any other types of writing, it is more inviting to read when words describe clearly what is meant to be said. Do not beat around the bush by redundant words.
Even how simple and basic the instructions are, you may commit some errors if you do not focus. So read carefully the instructions and requirements so you will be compliance. The press and editors have no patience when it comes to non-compliance of their requirements.
Every single instruction must be followed properly. You do not wish to ire the editors when they see that you cannot even get the instructions right. There goes your chance, down the drain.
It is a very productive practice to check, review, reread your press release before your final submission. Remember in press writing, haste makes waste.
Remember that through your release, you are imparting your companys image to the journalists and to the readers eventually. So make that good impression, and make it perfect before you submit a press release.

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