Is your ‘comfort zone’ holding you in a torture chamber?

By: Di Lu

What a weird title for this article, isn’t it? How could that ever be?

We are talking about the cushy, fluffy, fleece-lined personal comfort world here. The temperature is set just right to keep you in a “safe place” lull till the cows come home. In cow-speak it means forever. It feels so yummy and smooth there…without even asking for much.

Have you ever noticed how many times a day (lately it’s like a constant) we hear ourselves or others saying how everything is stressfully speeding up and things are changing from one minute to the next? What used to work and apply beautifully at dawn is a garburator-shredded old way going down the sewer at dusk!

And, how about ‘them’ computers? Your purchase of one from yesterday has left you with an “Update To The Most Recent Version” Dialogue Box on your screen first thing this morning when you fired it up. Have you had this happen to you?

You probably already know exactly what we are talking about and where we are going with this.

To keep up beyond the Jones in a comfortable way, we need to “Update” ourselves just like everything else is ‘updating and changing away’ in the Universe neighborhood.

Your ‘Internal Software Update’ can easily be done on a keen-student and as-you-go basis. A more radical, stressful and no-mercy way happens when the mad-cows “don’t come home ” one day. To top it off, the sacred pasture is gone as well?

What if you don’t ask for much, but one day, your world rudely asks for much more from you?

The wise man once said, “There is nothing stressful, but thinking makes it so.”

See, even that truth can be ‘updated’ today into “thinking and feeling make it so”.

“You’ve hurt my logic!” vs.” You’ve hurt my feelings!” Which one have you heard before?

It’s all in the feelings, too, isn’t it? They are as part of your ‘comfort zone’ as you are part of this world today.

You know your feelings are powerful. One moment, they can keep you celebrating in the Magical Turret of your castle with a view. In a split of a second, they can keep you in the torture chamber down below, chained up to the cold rock wall for what seems eternity.

What separates the two places is a single hallway, a set of steps down and one set going up. Not much, really. You can tell. Now, where do you want to spend most of your time?

Our personal beliefs, emotional intelligence, understanding, common sense and decency may be in an acute need of “Updating” way before we press the alike-function button on our computers.

Amazingly, a lot of people will choose the “Self-Update Much Later” button and will not even want to understand the reason ‘why’ anyone would want to do such a thing. The ‘torture room’ experiences are not strong enough motivators for them at the time.

If you are aware and want more from life now, your choice here is clear.

Update - Renovate – Refresh – Re-draw – Re-kindle – Ditch & Discover – Humble up – Build up – Lose-To - Appreciate – Attract - Fortify & Soften, and do whatever it takes to keep yourself up there in the Turret of your castle with a view and … good friends, too.

All of your willingness & effort today armor you with a new empowering instinct for tomorrow!

It’s rare, but possible.

Unlike the rest, you will so develop fresh habits to cling to that eventually do NOT hurt!

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