Is it Possible to Run Your Car Or Truck With Water?

By: Matthew Loop, DC

It is understandable that many people have doubt that you can run your car on water. In fact, in many ways, they are right. Currently there is no affordable car on earth that can run entirely on water, and converting your car to run on nothing but water is probably a million dollar investment in time and research. There is, however, a way to turn your own car into an incredibly inexpensive hydrogen powered hybrid car, simply by adding some home made machinery that you can easily create yourself.

It's possible for this technology to work because it uses simple parts that are available at most hardware stores. These parts facilitate the use of power from your auto's battery to break-apart water molecules into HHO gas. From there, the gas is then propelled into the intake of your car / truck, making a more efficient and clean burn for your gas.

What many don't know is that HHO gas is extremely stable and burns very efficiently as an excellent power source. Believe it or not, the conversion has been made really simple due to the conversion manual that has surfaced after years of suppression. This would be a big financial blow to "Big Oil" if the masses found out all at once. As expected though, loads of people have remained skeptical and need valid answers to the questions below.

How Safe Is It? Incredibly safe. In fact, unlike standard hydrogen gas, which is incredibly combustible, this type of HHO gas cannot explode at all. That is because the HHO gas used in this system is only created when your engine needs it, otherwise it is still stored as water. Since water is not combustible, this gas is not combustible, so there is absolutely no risk to your safety.

When you decide to power your car with water, the full will be free of combustible gas as well as keep your engine healthy. Your engine will experience relief from stress, and your car will be able to last much longer thanks to this alternative fuel method. You will not only be saving money on gas, you will also be saving money on car maintenance.

Does Technology Work With All Car Types? HHO technology not only works with cars. It works with trucks, scooters - even lawn mowers. With the exception of electric hybrids (only because they have not been tested yet) the systems can be guaranteed to run any vehicle more fuel efficiency when that vehicle depends on gasoline to work properly. SUV's, campers - no matter what type of gas mileage they got previously or what kind of car they are, they can all free themselves of high gas prices using an HHO system.

If you look online, you will find a couple hybrid conversion manuals surfacing as this innovative, environmental friendly solution spreads and as the price of gas continues to soar. If you think that gas prices will drop, you are only fooling yourself. Be careful when choosing a manual as well since not all are legit. Make sure to check the Alexa rankings of the websites, as you will see the proven manuals ranked under 20K. This is because word-of-mouth has garnered massive traffic because the technology works!

To wrap up, it is indeed possible to run your car on water and the conversion is relatively simple and cheap. Do not be misled or programmed by the mainstream media when they tell you that oil is the only viable solution. This cutting-edge, home-made hybrid approach is only the beginning of what is to come in revolutionary clean fuel breakthroughs!

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