Is Your Partner Negative About Your Weight Loss Efforts?

By: R Gupta

If you have a partner who is getting turned off and negative about your weight loss effort, do not think you are alone. A lot of people around the world experience the same problem. There are actually many reasons why your weight loss efforts may be becoming a relationship obstacle. Here are some of them.

You Spend Less Time With Your Partner

This is the single biggest reason why weight loss and relationships don't always mix. When you embark on your fitness goals, you not only begin to spend more time at your gym or on your favorite jogging track, but you may also begin to regulate your sleeping cycle. All this may mean cutting back on quality time with your partner.

To overcome this obstacle, try to involve your partner in your fitness efforts. For instance, you could plan a Sunday outing together that involves a physically challenging activity, such as hiking, biking or swimming. If you enjoy the same sport, you could even join a group together. This way your partner will not feel like they are missing out on you.

Secret Jealousy…

Do not be alarmed. It is quite natural, actually. If you begin to put in an effort at looking better, your partner may begin to feel threatened, especially if they themselves are out of shape. You may not have started out with the conscious objective of attracting the opposite sex, but that becomes a very distinct possibly. A lot of people have observed that their partners consciously and sub-consciously try to sabotage their weight loss efforts. For instance, knowing that you are on a diet, your partner may take you out to a burger joint.

In such a circumstance, rather than reacting negatively, you need to reassure your partner that your weight loss effort is a healthy effort for the relationship as well. when you are fitter and better looking, it will help your psyche and overall well-being, which will directly affect the relationship. If you can, encourage your partner to join you as well.

Inconvenient Lifestyle Changes

Perhaps you have set your alarm for 5 am, when your partner is fast asleep. Or you have stopped stocking some favorite goodies at home. Either way, your lifestyle changes are inadvertently inconveniencing your partner, and they are only protesting this fact.

Pursue your fitness and weight loss by all means, but if you are aware that there are aspects of your new lifestyle which disturb your partner, you need to work around them. And that can only happen when you sit and discuss the whole matter with your partner. A lot of couples let matters brew till it becomes a fight, and then it is usually too late to resolve things.

You Are Rubbing It In

If your partner is out of shape, while you are doing your best with your fitness and weight loss goals, it can cause conflict. People give subtle and not so subtle hints to their significant others, and sometimes even put them down and make them feel low and discouraged. Is there anything that you have said or done that may have made your partner feel this way? If that's the case, you know that it is not your weight loss that is causing trouble with your relationship, but your attitude. Encouragement only works, when it is offered positively.

Finally, you need to remember that balancing weight loss with your relationship is not impossible. All it may take is clear communication and some tact from your end, and some understanding from your partner.

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