Is Your House Infested?

By: James Dillard

Unwanted animals and insects can cause major damage to your house. Not only can they chew or bury through the structure of your home, but they can also leave droppings that can cause the spread of disease. It is important that you get an infestation removed from your home soon as possible. This article takes a look at some of the major tell-tale signs that insects or animals are currently living in your house.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are microscopic creatures that feed off of human blood. They can be a common problem in many households, as they can live in sheets, clothing and duvet covers. You may have a bed bug infestation if you wake up with small red bite marks on your body. The size of the bite will vary from person to person; some people may be allergic to a bed bug bite and have a more serious reaction. In some cases bed bugs can cause diseases such as impetigo and lymphangitis. It is essential that you get a bed bug infestation sorted as quickly as possible, as they can rapidly reproduce.


Termites can cause damage to your house by chewing through any wooden items. Most commonly this includes things like furniture, wooden floors and house beams, but they can also chew through books and paper. A termite infestation needs to be dealt with swiftly, as termites can destroy your home, and they may even cause structural damage to your house.


There are many different types of spider infestation, but only a small handful are poisonous to humans. If you think you have a spider infestation, then the first thing you need to do is identify the type of spider in your home. If you think it may be poisonous, then do not get close to it. You should take a photograph of it from afar, and then zoom in to the photo to be able to clearly see the spider. You can search on the internet and identify the spider based on its size, color and markings. If you do think it is poisonous, then you should call in a professional immediately to safely deal with the problem.


Wasps can create nests in trees and bushes, and even in the roof, eaves or walls of your home. A wasp nest can be very dangerous, as the wasps can attack when the nest is disturbed. Wasp bites may even cause a fatal allergic reaction in some people. Never try and remove a wasps nest by yourself, always seek the help of a professional wasp removal company. .


Rodent infestations are extremely common. They often seek shelter in the attic area, which is warm, and has the perfect conditions for creating a nest. You may think you have rodents in your house because you can hear them scuttling around or squeaking. You may also have noticed small rodent droppings. Rats can carry a number of diseases, which is why it is important to remove them from your house as soon as possible.

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