Is Your Computer Really Secure?

By: Ruby Vanharen

Have you thought about computer security today? Probably not. Many unsuspecting individuals falsely believe that computer hackers only target corporations and rich people. Wrong. Computer security does not involve just warding off hackers. Every day your computer is susceptible to threats regarding your computer system and the information you have on your computer.

Identify theft has become a peristent issue in the past few years. Credit card companies and banks have had problems with their computerized data being broken into. Hackers have corrupted their system, putting their millions of customers at risk. If hackers can hack into well secured systems like these then they can most likely hack into your personal computer more easily. Hackers benefit financially from taking your personal information off your computer and using it in a variety of ways. The awful thing is that it happens to innocent people every day of the year.

If people invading your system to steal your identity doesn't concern you, then how about protecting your investment? A virus can lay your hard drive to waste and start consuming memory until there is nothing left. Without the proper security on your computer, your system is definitely at risk and it really is just a matter of time before you are invaded by a virus.

To avoid the disastrous and awful effects of a computer virus, you must set up a security system on your own computer. Make sure that you have a firewall installed. A firewall can analyze information from the Internet and check to make sure it is not harmful to your computer. If the firewall determines that the information is harmful then it will block it. A firewall should be the first component of your computer security plan.

You will also want to invest in some anti-virus software to provide additional protection against anything that should get past your firewall. It is not uncommon for hackers to get into the systems of people you know and use their computer as a clone.

What is a cloned computer? It is a tool for the hacker. The hacker will make the cloned computer do anything they want it to from stealing e-mail to breaking into other computer systems. You can provide a shield against this by screening all your e-mail messages with anti-virus software. Don't open attachments unless you were expecting them. Hackers love to place disastrous viruses in attachments. Stop them dead in their tracks by not opening the attachment and deleting the e-mail message immediately.

Spyware is a term you should become familiar with. Hackers can use this software to sneak into your computer and spy on you. Spyware roots around your hard drive and absorbs any personal information. Spyware tends to bog down your system and put your personal information up for anyone to take advantage of. You can purchase anti-spyware of download it for free from browers and software providers. It is great idea to add anti-spyware software to your computer security plan

Computer security has become vital to protecting you and your computer in this day and age. The Internet is full of predators and you must safeguard your information and computer from them. Whatever you do, make certain that you make computer security a priority before it is too late!

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