Is Your Car Ready for Your Holiday?

By: Brayden Mclean

If you're going on holiday then there are a lot of things you need to consider. This means for instance making sure that you have all your spending money and your travel documents/passports. It means making sure that you have given yourself ample time to get to the airport, it means making sure that you know what you have planned for when you're out there, and it means making sure that you have arranged for someone to come around and water the plants/pick up your post.

All this then means taking care of yourself, of your home, and of the holiday. At the same time though there is one other factor you need to take care of because you go away and that's the car. Most likely you'll be driving to the airport and back, and this is a crucial link in making sure that you arrive at your destination on time and without stress. But how do you know if your vehicle is ready? Here we will look at some tips to help you do just that.

Your Car's Condition

For most of us the journey to the airport is a relatively long one and that means that we need to make sure our car is in good nick and up to the challenge. The first thing to do then is to ensure you're topped up with petrol and the best advice is to do this the night before your travel so that there's no chance of you getting stuck in traffic or finding it's closed down. Fill this all the way up and you might be able to get back on the same tank.

Other things to consider are of course your water, your oil and your tires and you should do all this the night before as well. If you have any other problems such as a cracked windshield or bad suspension or brakes, then make sure you get these seen to as soon before your holiday as possible.

The Route

The one downside of driving to the airport is of course that you need to be in charge of getting there and this means knowing the route and the time to set off. Plan your route out again before you go, look into how long it should take, and then plan everything else around that.


If you're driving to the airport and back you will need somewhere to leave it while you're gone. Don't assume you'll find parking when you get there look online first and try to find somewhere that will keep your car well sheltered from the elements and safe from car thieves, but at the same time will be easily reachable to and from the airport.


You have packed, but have you packed the car? Again, the less there is to worry about in the morning, the quicker you can set off and the more you can enjoy a quiet breakfast. Don't just pack your cases then, get them in the boot and make sure you're all ready to go. This way you also eliminate the chance of forgetting anything crucial.

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