Is Vemma A Good Company?

By: James Hicks

I am not a member of Vemma, but I have to say that I really like what they are doing and if you take the time to visit their company website, I am sure that you will leave feeling rather impressed with their professionalism and their ability to deliver a clear message of their vision.

What is Vemma all about?

Vemma stands for Vitamins, essential, minerals, mangosteen, and aloe. The liquid supplementation drinks are all centred around a fruit called 'Mangostten', it's found in eastern Asia. Mangosteen has been recognized for many years as having powerful antioxidant properties which help to fight against free radicals which are in our bodies. It promotes health and vitality and contains many minerals.

Vemma NEXT is a product that they developed for children aged 2-12 years, it's good to see a company taking the younger generation into account. Often these health & nutrition companies fail to cater for adults & children separately. As we all know the dietary requirements of our kids is very different to ours. Vemma are setting a good example by contributing to the health of children around the globe who are not as fortunate as all of us are. When a bottle of Vemma NEXT is sold one bottle is given to a child in need in the country in which the bottle was bought, well done to Vemma!

The product designed for us adults is called 'Verve' which is a cool name for a drink I think. It's packed full of vitamins and anti oxidants, plus is known for its energy boosting qualities. Packaged in a bottle or a shot bottle, you can take Vemma with you wherever you go.

If you've got a few minutes spare it's well worth watching Vemma's video on their official website which will show you how the product is made, they put a lot of care into the preparation and quality of their products.

Vemma's products are used by people in over 50 countries across the world and were voted by 'Men's Journal Magazine' as the best overall super juice. 'Miss Fitness Magazine' voted Vemma as product of the year in 2009. The product packaging is very snazzy and the name Vemma 'verve' has a cool sound to it. This has helped to make them so popular.

How did Vemma begin?

BK Boreyko created Vemma, he had previously done very well with his first health & wellness company, New Vision. New Vision was a very profitable company and made over one billion dollars worth of sales..

In 2004 he saw the massive opportunity in the liquid nutrition industry and with the help of his research and management team, Vemma was born.

What is the comp plan like?

They use the binary pay plan. The binary is often confusing to newbie's. You will only ever have two people on your first level in a binary system, 1 on the left side and 1 on the right. When you bring in new team members they are always put under your existing members in the leg.

Binarys need to be fully understood before getting involved, but built correctly they are very lucrative.

How will Vemma train you?

The training from Vemma on how to grow your business is not especially exciting. Many Vemma distributors are using the old fashioned methods of marketing their business like 'warm market' prospecting and chasing friends and family.

It will depend on your circumstances if these promotion methods will work for you or not, there is a far better way though.

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This is a brief Vemma review which will enable you to make a more informed decision. James Hicks has helped many people succeed with the Vemma Business Opportunity.

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