Is There Any Way Out To Cure Old Age Arthritis And Swelling?

By: Alton Patrick

Arthritis is the deterioration or wear and tear of the joint cartilage that occurs to old age people and eventually worsens with time. Though there are certain ways to maintain the existing condition so as to prevent it from more degradation.

Daily routines:

1. Posture: Keep the habit of exercising daily in the morning or evening, whichever is the best suited to you. While doing work that needs consistent sitting like watching television, reading newspaper or magazine, or any other work be sure not be in one position for several hours. Timely change the posture and position of your body. Take a break every half hour to stand and walk elsewhere. These habits would reduce the stiff feeling.

2. Weight management: Reducing weight by the help of strict and healthy diet routine along with walking is the most effective method to decrease the arthritis pain. This reduces the strain on the muscles bearing the body weight. Avoid playing tennis, jumping, high impact aerobics, running, etc.

3. Quit cigarette smoking: Smoking cigarette causes strain on the connective tissues of joints, causes arthritis pain.

Physical and emotional integration: There is no surprise that arthritis pain is connected with emotions. The people suffering from arthritis need to be dependent upon others. This surely discourages them for such a limited boundary of reach of anything. Such people need to practice mind-body interactions:

1. Heating pads and warm baths: Using heating pads for temporary relieving the aching of joints, taking hot baths, etc., is the good way to get your muscles relaxed. Don't use heating pads for more than 20 minutes at a time else there would be burning sensations.

2. Use of cold: Applying ice cubes to the affected muscles can help in relieving pain after strenuous exercise.

3. Massage: Getting a regular massage at least once in a week may improve pain and stiffness. Your massage therapist should know about the arthritis problem.

4. Relaxation: Yoga and meditation are the excellent ways to relax. Other things like listening music, being in nature, writing editorials are the best ways to consume the valuable time as well as relax you, as some of it might be your hobbies and you could not perform them due to your busy schedule in your young days.

5. Cognitive behavioral therapy: People often have the habit to over think the situation and make their perspectives extremely negative. So, a therapist is usually needed for the guidance using well-studied, combination of some talk therapy and behavioral modifications.

6. Acupuncture: It is a process of inserting hair like thin needles at specific points of the body in order to get relief from pain.

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