Is There A Difference Between Original Oil Paintings And Poster Prints

By: Basso Sudduth

Original oil paintings have a number of advantages over mass produced prints. Oil paintings are original hand painted works of art by the artist. Mass produced prints are stored as a digital image and are then printed on specialized printers.

Quality - Prints are printed on paper and printer ink is used instead of paint. Over time prints will start to yellow and fade. To protect prints from deteriorating use UV plexi glass and a frame to protect it from the damaging elements. When an artist creates the original painting they use paints. These paints are oil based and can endure the elements somewhat better than prints. Most of the time artists will paint on a thick canvas compared to paper which might add further protection to the artwork. This does not mean that you will not need to protect your painting. To protect your original work of art have it framed by a professional framer.

Vivid Colors - Artists use oil paints which add dimension and depth to the artwork. The paint strokes give the painting texture and it allows the creativity of the artist to flow through the paint brush. The mixing of the colors and the layering of the paint permits the colors to pop on the canvas. The colors on prints are mostly flat since the artwork is printed by a printer. Some prints give the illusion of brush strokes but at closer inspection the illusion of brush strokes seem to disappear.

Framing - If you want to dress up a room but are on a tight budget an inexpensive print will most likely do the trick. Many times the prints are already framed and each print is packaged with a different frame. By having many different packaged frames it will make it easier to choose a frame that fits the color and style of the room. Original oil paintings are framed by professional framers. Since many of the original paintings are painted on canvas the canvas will need to be stretched. Professional framers have the tools and the expertise to do this. Many of the framers have a vast amount of frames, mats and liners to choose from. No matter what color your room is there is a vast number of frames, mats and liners that will fit your style. If you are looking to add that something extra special to the room an original oil painting could be the way to go.

Cost - Mass produced prints are less expensive to purchase because this type of art are produced on command within minutes of the request. Original paintings are more expensive to purchase because only one exists in the world.

How to make the final decision? You may want to consider the following criteria:
Budget - How much are looking to spend, if you are on a tight budget and print might be the way to go, if money is no object choose a one of a kind original oil painting.

Style of room- If your room is a formal room you may want to an original to display on your walls. If you are looking to decorate a play room a print might be something that fits perfectly.

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