Is The Internet Contributing To Addictions?

By: Bob Wison

Researchers estimate that there are least 2 million or more who may be developing addictions to gambling predominantly online.
The findings show that the behaviours may be a health threat that is being ignored.

In the earlier years, sex related sites were by far the most popular websites and heavily trafficked sites on the web. There was even some discussion of having a XXX domain to denote adult related sites or site with primarily sexual content.There are opposing views on the benefits of establishing a so called red-light district on the web.

It has been estimated that with at least 25% of all the people on the web are becoming cybersex compulsive, or those who devote an extraordinarily large amount of time to pursuing sexual content online and suffer serious consequences.

Treatment for addiction to those who use the Interenet to access compulsions such as sex or gambling or for those who are addicted to the internet itself is controversial.
The computer has become all pervasive and a ubiquitous device that is extremely intensive.{ Almost total concentration is required when it is in use .| Due to design of the computer itself, it is virtually impossible to complete
any other task while computing.}

{The anonymity provided may also be boosting the proclivity to engage in compulsive behaviour. You can be anyone while on line,and theses factors may explain why compulsive gamblers are increasingly turning to the internet.
The secrecy of Internet gambling may also hold allure for compulsives as the shame associated with their behaviour is not disclosed.| The fact that you can easily be obscure or represent anyone you care to be without immediate discovery can aslo contribute to irregular or irresponsible behaviour.}

Online gambling is now a multi-billion dollar industry although it is,illegal in the United States, the companies have moved to be registered in countries where it is still legal.
The isolative nature and the need for humans to be social in some respect may be appealing to and even to eventually entrap those who may be susceptible to addictive behaviour.
It is believed that the online intereaction can give the addict the illusion of being connected to counteract the feeling of loneliness. It was also noted that there was a high incidence of cross addiction among internet addicts.

Because of the close link to other addictive behaviour, experts say the tools for diagnosing and treating Internet-related addictions are similiar to those of other compulsions and the better treatment for addiction methods should include a combination of therapy and participation in self-help recovery groups.

The role of the computer in the life of a recovering Internet addict is controversial. The ubiquitous Internet is almost essential and a way should be found for patients to coexist with their computers as much as overeaters still need to eat to stay alive and total abstinence cannot be recommended.

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