Is TVI Express a Scam?

By: Stephen Bolin

There are many, many scams going on today. The pride that we have in ourselves, will not allow us to be fooled or tricked by a scam artist - or so we think. They promise us the moon, and afterward they don’t deliver. Or what they deliver is not what we had our hope set on.

The big reason why con artists are getting bolder and bolder is to some extent due to the economic recession that we are in. People are hopeful for a better life, hopeful for a way to make more money and eager for a solution to their problem.

This elevated expectation, or hope, sets individuals up for getting scammed. They want so desperatelyto believe the sales page of a get-rich-quick offer. Because of their dire economic position, sound logic goes right out the window. They will believe almost anything that offers a solution to their urgent problem.

There’s another mindset that is fairly conventional these days, and that is saying something like “Boy, was that a rip-off!” or “Let’s not go there, that place is a rip-off.” The products in question are more than likely excellent products that are priced fairly. But because of a lower economic status, people mistake a higher price than they can afford for a scam or “rip-off.”

Lets get back to the key question: Is TVI Express a Scam? I’m sure in some people’s eyes it is a scam. But in my opinion and with a number of my friends, TVI Express is anything but a scam.

TVI Express offers authentic value for the money you spend. For the $250 sign-up fee, you get 7 days and 6 nights at a 4 or 5 star resort. And TVI will pick up the cost of your homecoming airfare.

That’s not everything. As you actively pursue the TVI Express business, and you carry out what the strategy says, you will sign up 2 additional people. That’s the secret to making a lot of money in TVI. You get 2 people, and teach those 2 to get 2 people. As you do this, you reach a point where you earn $250 in hard cash and you also receive a $250 travel voucher.

The big bonus to the TVI Express business is this: you cycle through their different “matrix boards” and you exit the top with $10,000 in cash and a $5,000 travel coupon. Then you rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat.

So if you want to call TVI Express a scam, go straight ahead. You will be in the minority and you may possibly get yelled at by a bunch of passionate individuals.

Looking at it a different way, if you see real value in not having any autoship payments, no meetings, no bothering friends and family and you still make quite a bit of money, TVI Express could be your ticket to freedom.

One of the major shortfalls of TVI Express is they don't provide a system to keep you supplied
with great prospecting leads. Industry statistics show that a "newbie" to MLM has 62 days to start making money, or they quit. The 2 biggest reasons people quit network marketing is


  • Number One - They run out of money. They have no funds left to continue prospecting.
  • Number Two - They run out of people to talk to. With no live prospects, and no money, it's 'bye bye' to Network Marketing.

    A very successful method for building your downline and helping them grow, is to teach them HOW to have a never ending supply of prospecting leads. The best leads are people who are already in network marketing or are actively seeking to be part of a company.

    I show you how to use a "Funded Proposal" which is a way for you to generate income from your prospects even if they never connect with your business. It is also a system where you are talking to the right people instead of the usual tire kickers and time wasters. If you want to be much smarter with your time and see colossal results, be sure and check this out. You'll thank us over and over, once you see the only way network marketing SHOULD be built.

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