Is Stress in a Woman’s Nature?

By: James Pendergraft

Women, by nature, are more susceptible to becoming stressed. This is because of the many hormonal changes that they go through during their whole lifetime. The fluctuation of the hormonal levels of women consistently occurs during puberty, the menstrual period, gestation or pregnancy, and during menopause. This fluctuation of hormones is known to cause stress.

Women Are Caretakers

Women are also known to be the caretakers of other people. They care for the children and men as well as for the friends and family that are within their circle. Because of this role, they tend to forget to take care of their own bodies. As stress is known to bring on adverse effects on the physical aspect of women’s lives, it is advisable for them to have stress relievers so that their bodies and souls can be nurtured.

Women Have Special Needs

Basically, women have special needs when it comes to relieving their stress and taking on a healthier lifestyle. Because it is their nature to be stressed in different situations in their lives, then they also need to do a great number of things to get rid of stress.

If you are a woman who is under a lot of stress, it is best to address this at the soonest time possible. Because stress is inherent in a woman’s nature because of the hormonal changes that they go through, then a conscious effort should be made to avoid stress as much as possible.

Lessening Stress in Women

There are a number of things that can be done to address the needs of women when it comes to getting relief from stress. First, they need the social support that family and friends can give them. They need a lending hand and a supportive ear in times of trouble. Research shows that women who have strong support from friends and other family members tend to be less stressed as well as happier and healthier. As women tend to get more stressed, being a part of a social network and sharing feelings are very important for them.

Other Stress Relievers

Here are other stress relievers that can be done by women during their daily life:

* Spa Treatments. It does not matter if you will set up your own spa experience at home or go to a spa club, getting a dose of body pampering is a great way to get rid of stress. This will leave you feeling calmer, relaxed, refreshed, and beautiful inside and out.
* Exercise. Going out and being more active brings on a great deal of benefits on the beauty, health, and stress management factors in women’s lives. The chance to enjoy new surroundings could take your worries of your mind, thus reducing or even eliminating stress.
* Eating Healthy. A well-balanced diet as well as good nutrition is not just good for shedding pounds, it also packs on more energy to the body thus causing women to have a clearer sense of thinking. This could help them in reacting in an even-tempered manner when it comes to stress.

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