Is Smoking a Bad Habit for your Skin?

By: Sara Kitch

Smoking is without a doubt one of the worst habits that you can develop. Not only is it related to diseases like cancer, but it also promotes premature aging. The following article will take a look at the problems that smoking can cause for your body and skin.
We will take a look at the three main areas of the body that can be damaged by smoking and why: heart, lungs and skin. Take into account that these adverse effects can also be seen in non-smokers.
Heart Damage due to Smoking
The heart of a smoker is at risk for afflictions such as arrhythmia and heart failure. The irritating effects of nicotine and other ingredients found in tobacco smoke can intensify any heart problems making the heart work harder. Eventually, a heart that works harder runs out sooner.
Lung Damage due to Smoking
Smoking makes your lungs work harder, just like your heart. Chronic smokers are in danger of acquiring problems such as the complete obstruction of their lungs natural cleansing process. The same irritating gases produce chemical harm to the tissues of your lungs and the airways leading the lungs increase the production of mucus. This excess mucus is an excellent breeding ground for a wide range of viruses and bacteria, and makes you more susceptible to different respiratory infections. The lining of your bronchi also becomes more dense, predisposing you to cancers of the bronchi. Most lung cancers arise in the bronchial lining.
Skin Damage due to Smoking
Smoking destroys both your inner body as well as your outer body. Because smoking narrows the blood vessels in your skin, it reduces the amount of oxygen and essential nutrients that are delivered to the skin and destroys the collagen and elastin in it. The effects are not only visible on your face, but they can also manifest on any part of your body covered by skin making a wrinkle treatment very important.
The other condition that is relatedto smoking is a syndrome called "smoker's face". Because of the constant squinting of the eyes to avoid smoke and pursing of lips, deep lines begin to develop around the mouth and eyes. The face also takes on a sunken appearance.

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Healthy skin begins with healthy habits like not smoking or quitting. To repair and rejuvenate skin that has been damaged by smoking, try products that include rose hip oil. Facial skin care is of the utmost importance so don't wait another minute to try our skin care products.

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