Is Smoking a Bad Habit for your Skin?

By: Sara Kitch

Smoking is without a doubt one of the worst habits that you can acquire. Not only is it related to diseases like cancer, but it also promotes premature aging. The following article will look at the problems that smoking can cause all over your body and skin.
We will take a look at the three main areas of the body that are affected by smoking and why: heart, lungs and skin. Take into consideration that these results can also be seen in non-smokers.
Smoking and its effect on your Heart
Smoking forces your heart to work harder. In the long run, an overworked heart runs out faster. Due to their irritating effects, nicotine and other components found in tobacco smoke can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and heart attacks.
Smoking and its effect on your Lungs
Chronic smokers are in danger of acquiring problems such as the complete paralysis of their lungs natural cleansing process. Your lungs are also pressured to work harder, just like your heart. The same irritating components begin to harm your lung tissues.
Damage to the lungs leads to too much mucus production which leads to the perfect breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. This can lead to respiratory infections that range from common colds to bronchitis. The lining of your bronchi also begins to thicken which predisposes you to the different types of lung cancers and other cancers.
Chronic smoking damages elastin in the lungs leading to the development of emphysema. Also, smoking dumps a layer of sticky tar throughout your respiratory system. This tar is filled with carcinogenic material.
How Smoking affects Your Skin
Your skin also suffers from the effects of smoking.. Because smoking contracts the blood vessels in your skin, it reduces the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients that are delivered to the skin and damages the collagen and elastin in it. The effects are not only visible on your face, but they can also manifest on any part of your body covered by skin making a wrinkle treatment of the utmost importance.
Chronic smoker's also suffer from a condition called "smoker's face". Because of the continuous pursing of lips and squinting of the eyes to avoid smoke, deep wrinkles begin to develop around the mouth and eyes. The face also takes on a grayish, gaunt appearance.

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