Is Pre-Paid Legal Still A Good Opportunity Or A Company Who’s Time Has Come And Gone?

By: Dan Pressler

Pre-Paid Legal And The New York Stock Exchange

Probably one of the first things you learned about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc is that it is listed on the NYSE.

The NYSE has always represented strong, dynamic companies that engaged in sound and ethical business practices however, recent experience has shown us that is not always the case!

Think Enron, AIG, General Motors, Chrysler…and the list goes on and on! Are these all good solid companies with strong leadership? Ahhhh, no! So personally, I no longer give much credence to a NYSE listing.

Strength And Leadership

Is PrePaid a solid company with the right leaders? In my opinion, the answer is an unqualified yes to each question! The real question should be for anyone reviewing Pre-Paid and looking to join their sales force as an independent rep, would be this: Is PPL still a good money-making MLM business opportunity?

The really important question you may need to be asking yourself is twofold:

Is Pre-Paid Legal harder to do than other MLM companies and what kind of money can I expect to make?

No matter what you're told, PrePaid is not easy and isn't for everybody!You’re better positioned for success in Pre-Paid if you have some background in sales & marketing. An insurance sales or similar background will give you an advantage in marketing the membership program, especially in their group or small business sales. Without some selling experience, perhaps building a downline team is the best course of action, and even that can have its difficulties!

For years now Pre-Paid has stated that they will shortly be a household name and that millions upon millions of Americans will own a legal expense membership. While the possibility remains, I'm not so sure that it will happen anytime soon. In fact, I'm not sure it will ever happen but it seems to be part of Pre-Paids mantra.

Research shows, according to Yahoo finance, that both PPL sales and recruiting were off slightly at the end of the year, 2008. PrePaid Legal's member sales have remained relatively consistent at about 1 1/2 million memberships sold for a good many years now. The fact that sales have not broken the 2 million member mark does not bode well for PrePaid becoming any type of a viral marketing phenomenon anytime soon!

Until then, Pre-Paid Legal’s membership plan remains a viable product in the marketplace for anyone with enough stick-to-it-ive-ness to stay the course until they either build a large Network Marketing organization or sell enough memberships to create that sought after MLM residual income!

I also think it's a hard sale since most people live their lives having never felt the need to use an attorney, except for the obvious divorce etc. Therefore they fail to see the value in owning a membership with a monthly fee attached that provides them with access to an attorney for a variety of resons!

Should you jump onboard with Pre-Paid Legal or is it a company that will be left behind by more imaginative, fun and easy-to-do MLM companies?

Actually I believe PPL is a great company with an equally good business opportunity for individuals possessing the traits that would make them successful at whatever company they chose to align themselves with.

Are there other MLM companies with business opportunities that are easier and more fun to do than PPL and potentially offer greater income possibilities? I would have to say "Absolutely!"

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