Is Pilates All That It Will Take To Get Rid Of My Back Pain?

By: Steven Giles

Perhaps you're a skeptic, or perhaps you just want to know if Pilates is really all it takes to get rid of your pain. You may be wondering if you are going to need to take medication while you try these exercises. People tend to have concerns about trying new methods to relieve their pain. A lot of the concern often comes from previous experiences with other methods.

What are some methods that can fail to provide lasting relief from pain? Prescription pain medication, surgery, chiropractors and too much rest. Taking the easy way out usually is the same as heading down a road of destruction. Prescription medication and surgery can leave you in a worse condition than when you started.

With Pilates, there is no need for anything except for the exercises themselves. The only thing you need to be concerned with is getting out of bed and performing ten minutes of Pilates stretches and movements. Will it hurt? Absolutely not. The reason why the movements will not hurt is because they are very small movements, usually not reaching any more than a three to six inch radius.

The idea is to focus on the most important muscles such as the lower back, abdominal, hips and buttocks. These are the muscles that establish the core - or center of the body. If you are rock solid in these areas, your spine will be as straight as a board and back pain will be nonexistent, which is why there will be no more need for any further remedies.

If you are currently on pain medication, then your body may has developed a dependence on it. The best way to get off of the medicine is to discuss with your interest in alternative methods of pain relief with doctor. Let them know that you would like to try a more natural route. Tell them about your interest in Pilates.

Pilates is even recommended by many doctors. Essentially, it is a form of physical therapy. You can practice Pilates at home as much as you would like. If you happen to perform a movement that brings you more pain, question your posture as well as if you have your body correctly positioned for the exercise you are doing. In no way should Pilates bring you any pain, especially since it involves very little movement.

You may be wondering if a set of exercises which involves no movement if there will provide you with any real results. The answer is that yes, you will see results and they will start to be apparent quickly. When you are practicing your deep breathing and relaxing your body, the movements that you will perform build strength, resulting in a firmer, stronger body that is able to fend off pain.

Most people prefer to practice Pilates exercises twice per day, while others only do them once every other day. It all comes down to personal preference. Only you know what is best for you, but natural is the best choice for everyone.

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