Is Mandura a Good Opportunity or Just More Juice Hype?

By: Matt Hefner

So what the heck is Mandura you may be asking? Mandura is a company with another super juice product on the market that is promoted as the most tasy as well as the most convenient way to get all of the nutritional value you need on a daily basis from fruits and vegetables.

Mandura has combined superfruits from all over the world and blended them together. The product consists of the Durian fruit from south east Asia, the Mangosteen also from south east Asia, the Acai berry and the north American Blueberry. These fruits combined together make for a very tasty and efficient way for everyone to get the nutrients needed from fruit in one drink.

Now for the opportunity. Is this just another my ninja super juice company or are they different? Well, there are some opinions on this and I just would like to say that Mandura is somewhat different than the rest because of the structure of their compensation plan. Mandura uses a straightline comp plan rather than a binary or unilevel like we are traditionally used to seeing.

There are a lot of people joining under the impression that they can get in and benefit somehow from everyone being placed in the company wide powerline one under the other. This could not be further from the truth. The fact is, if you do not get out there and personally sponsor new reps you will not make any money. Just because you show a downline of 4000 reps does not mean that you are getting paid.

There is sort of an illusion of teamwork with this comp plan that many have taken as opportunity to be idle and just see what happens. I am here to tell you right now that this approach will get you absolutely nowhere. You have to learn how to market if you want to make any money with Mandura. This is the very reason that 97% of all network marketers fail in this industry. Not knowing how to market effectively.

Yes, it's true that you can go out and try to get your friends and family involved and you can make out the list of all the people you know and introduce them to the Mandura opportunity but what will you do when you have no one else to talk to? You see, people confuse networking with network marketing. They tend to do the networking part and leave the marketing off. This is the reason for the 97% failure rate in the industry.

Now, as far as Mandura goes, it's a great company and a good opportunity with a decent compensation plan. Casey Yarbrough, ceo and co-founder of Mandura is a very capable and credible individual who has done some amazing things in the network marketing industry. If you are in Mandura then you have definately found yourself a rockstar company. The question is though, will you become a 3 percenter or will you be a 97 percenter?

I offer free training to all struggling network marketers looking to take their business to new levels by leveraging the power of the internet and attraction marketing strategies. You must learn to position yourself as a leader in this industry if you want to succeed. You have to begin to brand yourself and set yourself apart from all of the noise out there on the internet today. Everyone looks the same these days!

How do you plan to be different from all of the thousands of people promoting their company replicated websites and opportunities on the front end? There is just way too much competetion to do it in that manner. I can show you how to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I can show you how to generate 50 to 150 new leads every day and make money from the 90% who say no to your Mandura opportunity. This is how the 3 percenters build their business! Which side of the fence will you be on?

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