Is Lasik Eye Surgery For You

By: Linda Moore

We're a nation that's getting sick and tired of always cleaning our glasses and dealing with contact lens solutions and problems. Many of us tire of looking for where we set our glasses or the drudgery of trying to see if they aren't with us all the time. With Lasik eye surgery, those of us with less than perfect vision now have an affordable option to correct our vision. Since the 1980's, Lasik eye surgery has successfully been used to correct many of the known maladies that keep us
from enjoying clear eyesight without the need for glasses or contacts.

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis and is a procedure that reshapes the cornea. The process that is used for this sounds a bit dangerous, but is being performed with huge success rates all over the world.

The way Lasik eye surgery works is relatively simple, fast and with minimal pain. And fortunately, the price of lasik eye surgery is becoming more affordable. When first approved, the cost of a typical Lasik surgical procedure was thousands of dollars per eye. This was also with equipment not nearly as precise or technologically advanced as we have in the 21st. century. The equipment is much more precise and the cost has come down. When you consider the cost of those glasses and contacts Lasik truely can save you money in the long run.

The cost continues to come down due to many factors. Don't let the lower price fool you however. Today's results are better and can correct many more refractive eyesight issues that when first approved. This is due to better equipment, more education for the doctor and the wealth of experience now available. Many more doctors are also offering Lasik surgery directly through their own office or at established eye surgery centers or institutes.

Today, the cost of obtaining a qualified Lasik procedure continues to drop. In many of the larger metropolitian areas, the cost has reached as low as 500 dollars per eye.

While this procedure does not seem to be very complicated and certainly does not take a lot of time, it is not a perfected science. The reason for this is each eye is shaped differently and the amount of slope on the cornea affects the level of vision problems. The ophthalmologist must gauge how much cornea needs to be removed/ reshaped in order to correct the patient's vision to 20/20. This is difficult because there is no way to know how the cornea will react to the laser and how close to perfect vision the patient will have. Then, the ophthalmologist uses a specialized laser that sends pulses to the stroma that reshape the cornea. Then, the flap is replaced and the procedure is completed.

As a result, lasik eye surgery works very well for patients who want to improve their vision. However, it is not guaranteed to return your vision to 20/20. It may, however, be successful, may improve it drastically but not perfectly and the eye might not react the way the ophthalmologist imagines and leave the patient with less than perfect sight. When this happens it can still necessitate the use of glasses or contacts. Fortunately, lasik surgery is successful and patients are pleased

the majority of the time. Many patients have been able to go from the thick pop bottle eyeglass lenses to the nice thin comfortable lenses because of the success of the surgery. The goal isn't always perfect vision but improved vision. Most people however, are able to have 20/20 vision after having Lasik Eye Surgery.

Take the time to think about the risks and benefits to Lasik Eye Surgery and research this procedure before deciding to have it done. Make sure you find a reputable Lasik surgeon that has performed many procedures. Your eyes are one of your greatest assets.

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Linda Moore has researched Lasik Laser Eye Surgery also called Lasik Eye Surgery. Lasik sugery is worth the risks

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