Is It Worth Submitting To Paid Directories?

By: Rick Skew

A very important first step in promoting your website is of course gaining backlinks from other sites. There are a large amount of approaches in doing this including article sites, forum signatures as well as web directories. A web directory submission is one of them best ways to gain backlinks to your site. It is a very priceless and powerful tool when you are trying to promote your new website, this is even more important for websites that generally depend on search engines to improve the amount of visitors to the site.

Finding and choosing the directory which is best suited for your needs is rarely easy. You will come upon} free directories as well as paid ones. Although all directories share a common purpose, working out the aim of the directories is rarely the same for free ones as well as the paid ones. This will be because featured directories offer a lot more advantages over the free directories.

How are paid directory submissions better:
Free directories are usually the intention of spammers. Free web directories have been exploited all of the time by spammers and automated submitters which will submit a website to a great number of directories in just a few minutes. Paid directory owners are not going to allow this to happen. Spammers who use automated systems do not pay for their submissions, so paid directory owners can spot them straight away if a site has been submitted by a spammer.
Will It Pay Off To Submit To Piad Directories?

Save yourself some time. Because free directories tend to be more susceptible to spammers and get a large amount of submissions, then its almost impossible for a free directory owner to manually go through all of the submissions and review them. A vast majority of websites that are submitted are also just simply attempting to get a backlink free of charge which implies that the website that they are trying to submit is probably extremely low quality. When you go for paid web directories to submit to, your site will probably be listed in just a matter of days because most paid directories have a team of employees that will be capable of review submitted websites a lot quicker.

The chances of a website getting accepted quickly is increased when you choose to submit to a paid directory. Take note that paying does not guarantee that your site will be accepted, paying only increases the chance of getting your website reviewed and listed quicker. The main thing to remember is that whenever you submit your website to a paid directory you are going to be informed right away if your website has been included or not. Most free directories will take weeks if not months. Most of the free directory sites will not inform you on the status of your website submission.

Higher page rank:
Another great advantage of using paid directories is that many of these will already possess a very high page rank. With paid directories, search engine marketing firms are trusted to submit websites in an automated manner which makes it faster rather than going through the slow and error-prone process of manually submitting content to the search engines. Most paid directories possess a high trust factor with all of the search engine firms which means they can give a major boost in your website's rankings in lots of search engines. With this relationship of the paid directories and search engines, it enables your website to experience faster indexing and refresh times.

Article Directory:

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I have been a directory owner for over Ten years, paid and free. I have used directories myself to improve google rankings. It is a thankless task by any standards but one that I enjoy. For acceptance, one of the fastest directories I have ever submitted to is a Directory Share. It took them just 30 minutes to review my submission.

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