Is It Time To Give Your Beloved Truck a Much Needed Makeover?

By: Aubrey Pitts

Can you remember the day you took delivery of your latest truck? Maybe it was a brand new purchase, straight from the showroom, or perhaps it was just ‘new to you?’ Every weekend, much to your neighbors’ amusement, you would spend two or three hours washing your prize possession. You would even vacuum the interior and polish everything that looked like it could shine a little bit more. These days, the truck is like a neglected puppy, you were given a few Christmases ago. You would love a new or newer truck, but can’t really justify the expense. Here’s a possible solution; why not spruce up the old beast?

Start with the basics.

Have you washed your vehicle recently? When I say wash, I don’t mean throwing a bucket of soapy water in its general direction, and hoping the rain will deal with the next stage. A thorough clean and polish will make your truck look beautiful again, probably. Try and use quality products on the paintwork, wax correctly and do not polish in direct sunlight. Also spend twenty minutes on the windows, use a dedicated cleaner, you may be surprised with the results.

The shiny bits.

Your paintwork looks fabulous, the windows are clean enough to, well, see out of. But the trim still looks awful. The word ‘trim’ refers to the black and shiny bits on your trusty steed. Go to your local vehicle maintenance center, every town will have one. Ask the experts for the best products for the job, also arm up on the correct cloths, do not mix these when cleaning. With a little planning, and a fair amount of elbow grease, your truck will soon relive its former glory days.

The engine.

This, often overlooked, part of your vehicle can possess form as well as function. Pop the hood open and be prepared to be shocked, especially if you haven’t bothered cleaning the engine and bay, ever! The buildup caused by heat and oil leakage and water, will be considerable. Again, your friendly vehicle care centre will sell the right cleaning agents for this job. You may also consider calling in the professionals, a steam clean will guarantee an engine bay you can eat your lunch out of, almost. Another benefit of a clean engine is the fact you will be able to spot any new leaks, and potentially expensive issues before it is too late.

The interior.

You spend most of your driving time inside the truck, so it stands to reason that you would like to be in a ‘nice place.’ Have a look around your cabin, what do you see? Fingerprints, rubbish on the floor, papers everywhere, food waste, empty cans of drink, need we go on? If you drive for a living, you will be spending up to twelve hours a day in this confined space, make it a pleasure, not a punishment. Start from the floor and work your way up, vacuum and brush the carpet, remove all of the larger items and dispose of them safely. Use a cleaning agent on the seats, if they are made of cloth, use a shampoo and rinse properly. You can use your trim cleaner on the dashboard surround, also use a surface cleaner on the instrument gauges. Don’t forget to buy an air freshener; it hides a myriad of sins! Happy trucking!

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