Is It Possible To Build Solar Panels At Home?

By: Kathlene Easter

Build Solar Panels in Basement or Garage
New technology has made it possible for thousands of Americans to build solar panels right at home. Thousands are now opting to put this new technology to use by building their own efficient and affordable solar systems at home.
The American economy is forcing many families to look outside the box to find ways of cutting back on the family budget. One of those ways is to build their own alternative power generators, one of which is solar panels.
Obama and his cronies are working hard to get the Cap and Trade Energy bill put into law. If they do, the homeowner can expect to take an average of $300 a month pay cut.
This is not a pleasant thought, especially when the family budget is already stretched to the limit.
Imagine being free from the strings of the power company. Just think, no more electric bills or at least greatly reduced ones.
Until recently it has not been practical to make your own solar panels and wind generators but now it can be done. These appliances are so simple to build many women are making there own and they are raving about how easy it is.
If you can use simple power tools and a soldering iron you can make your own solar panels. And you can do it for under $200. In fact, it only costs about a dollar a watt to make your own panels. A huge panel would be 200 watts.
I know it seems like a daunting job, but it is not. No rocket science physics involved here. Just follow a few simple instructions and you will have your own solar panel in a few hours, right in the privacy and convenience of your own home.
Most of the parts can be obtained at the local hardware store. The only thing you may have to go shopping for are the solar cells. If you know how to scrounge you may even be able to find the fixings for all of this for free.
Once you get the plans and all the bits and pieces laid out, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to do this little project. It will probably take you longer to round up everything and get set up to go to work than it will take you to actually build the panel itself.
If you are not the sort to gather up parts, you can opt to buy a complete kit. Some assembly is required.
The best part of all this is you can involve your family in the project. What a wonderful time to teach your children and to interact with them. For once you can know they are and not off, who knows where, doing who knows what.
The second best part is the freedom you will enjoy when you finally have a completed solar system. Just imagine the feeling of throwing that main circuit breaker to the off position, shutting off the costly grid power.
Remember, nothing happens without action. Take action now before Obama's Cap and Trade bill gets into your wallet.

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