Is India ready to perform Computer Assisted Surgery India?

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Technological plays an important role, meeting the growing needs of people. People are seeking new updated products in the market, whether it is in terms of cell phones , computer or medical development. Computer technology plays a huge role in terms of education, medicine, training etc.. Now the application has been expanded in the medical field too. Computer assisted surgery is the new innovative technology for performing critical surgeries in a more accurate way. This process proved better outcome than the traditional process.
As this surgery is newly developed it is attracting many people throughout the world.. It is still developing and not much known about . India has a high quality medical facility at the low cost Tourist are flocking to the best hospitals for their surgery. But as it is now it is still evolving..
This method guides in pre planning of surgery, performing the surgery and improving the surgery. Computer assisted surgery India is getting recognized for its safe techniques. Incision which are complicated are done small and accurately which therefore cause less bleeding and the risk of getting infection also decreases. The healing in this process is quick and one gets discharged from the hospital soon after his recovery.
. For accurate result and less complication some steps need to be carried out They are Planing the surgery procedure, navigating it and registering it. Computer assisted surgery is a mixture of real surgery ( needle, patient) and computer technology ( MRI , scan etc.)
. This surgery is properly planned by doctors and surgeons. They explore various dimensions and projections before performing the actual surgery. 3d computer image and real time sensing also helps in the surgery. The image of 3d model helps the surgeon to understand the anatomy of the patient for precise incision. The risk and difficulties are lessened .The view of the model is 10x larger than the original. Some years back it was only used in knee surgery , but as it developed more in the years it proved its proficiency in surgery like spine, radio surgery cardiac, neurology etc.
, Some best hospitals in India perform this groundbreaking technology , with their highly skilled professionals .India is gaining its popularity for computer assisted surgery in comparison with the western countries. It is only in India that these surgeries are done at a very low cost. The rates are quite friendly , compared to USA or other western countries. Even if the travel expenses and accommodation expenses taken on an account, it would still save thousands of dollars for people living abroad. The cost is 60-80% lesser. Some of the best hospitals in India which provide this surgery includes AIIMS, which performs critical robotic surgery at zero charge from the people.
Commitment, patience, and dedication are what is required for learning this technology. India is full of good surgeon. Once they get trained in this, the surgery will be more preferred. Major changes and inventions are still taking place. For further information check, URL :

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