Is Excessive sweating a serious disease?

By: Mathew Dan

Hyperhidrosis a rare phenomenon in human skin which makes one sweat more than the normal. There are many ways to control this strange disease. Botulinum Toxin or Botox is capable of controlling this kind of excessive sweating.

If one suffers from excessive sweating, he needs the gift of dry confidence this holiday season? Sweat when becomes excessive, spoils the natural aroma of the human and makes the environment unpleasant. If you suffer from excessive sweat, wonít you feel embarrassed when with your loved one? It will ruin the romance prevailing over and make people feel uncomfortable. Or when in a business environment, Hyperhidrosis may make feel low on confidence and sometimes can even become a career threat.

Hyperhidrosis can be caused because of any of the following reasons like mental stress, metabolism, Anxiety or a genetic disorder .Hyperhidrosis is a kind of disease that affects a person mentally most. It makes one to be aloof and not let anyone near him or her and causing a mental torture. He always tries to stay apart from the society. It leads to some weird characteristics like keep changing dresses frequently, or avoids wearing dark-colored dresses etc. Those who are prone to such a kind of excessive sweat, continue to sweat, irrespective of the remedial measures one takes to avoid them.

Hyperhidrosis affects a human in almost all parts of the body .Normally a person experiences it on oneís face, palm and foot while few people experience it in the scalp or under arms .The former named as palmoplantar hyperhidrosis and the other auxiliary hyperhidrosis. One solution recommended to beat the excessive sweating is to use the Botulinum Toxin, which is capable of resisting the sweat to about 90 percent.

Though there are various measures like oral medications and iontophoresis are tried to cure this disease, unfortunately, they failed in their efficiency in satisfying the patients. To the extreme, even surgery managed only up to half cure with complication. But botox injections are making a good deal in curing excessive sweat.

Botox injections bind to the nerves which are responsible for sweating in the skin, and can reduce sweating in the particular area for almost a year with no adversary effects. Botox is prepared purely out of the protein Botulinum Toxin. These botox injections block the nervesí ability to produce acetylcholine, which are responsible for producing sweat. Botox is injected uniformly and spreads out evenly in that area. Once injected, people experience betterment in few weeks, by seeing the sweat production reduced to a maximum. These botox injections are safe to use and is also regarded effective. The prices of a Botulinum Toxin injection are affordable when compared to the embarrassment and frequent changing of clothes.

Scientific studies reveal that Botulinum Toxin is to be an effective controller of perspiration. The side effects of this Botulinum Toxin injection are minimal and frequent injection makes a good cure. So people who suffer from this strange disease can go for a botox can guarantee a relief. Hence Hyperhidrosis is no longer a serious disease when botox is in your hand.

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