Is Efusjon nothing but a Scam?

By: Simon Guilliard

So, you've come across an opportunity to join the Efusjon business opportunity and you want to know whether it's legitimate or not?

Efusjon market their enegry drinks, made from only natural ingredients, through a network marketing distribution system. To differentiate from the competition, a lot is made of the lack of artificial ingredients and all natural goodness from such super botanicals such as the acai berry. Intense market competition from other acai berry based juices have not deterred Efusjon from providing similar products but with the added spark of ingredients like caffeine. There is also another side to their marketing in that their drinks are a healthier choice amongst the somewhat unhealthy energy drinks market.

Any company that sells their products or services through network marketing will also have a business opportunity that attracts those who will point a finger and level the accusation of 'scam' against these opportunities. However, I don't think there is much point in investigating such claims given the size and expansion of the corporation so far; and scams of this extent would have been detected by the proper authorities.

Two main revenue streams make up the commission plan: a binary system containing three downline 'legs' and an 'overlap' from other neighbouring team members. The commission plan pays out 4.25% of total sales volume generated by your team with the 'overlap' component paying out 1.25% from 'overlap' distributors. A thorough commission plan is presented on the Efusjon website which goes into more detail. Whether you can make a respectable income from this business will be for you to determine. Starting with your income goals, you should then calculate backwards the number of team members you will need to recruit and the sales revenue needed to match your targets and determine if they are achievable.

Once you have decided whether this is a business that suits you, the next question to ask yourself is how you are going to recruit the necessary team members to build your business and how you are going to market this. In the age of the Internet, where another opportunity is just a click away, the recrtuiment methods being taght by most MLM companies absolutely do not work.

The sad fact is, that 97% of all those involved in the MLM industry are failures. This statistic is true no matter which company you look at. Moving companies very rarely solves the problem for those looking for success.

The problem isn't with the business or the products, but with the method. Failure is due to not using the same techniques as used by those 3% who make 70% of the revenue. Unless your business system is proven to attract the leads necessary to construct a successful business, you will inevitably fail.

To succeed in any network marketing business you need to be following what the 3% minority are doing and plug in to an !a href=" Business System">online business system that will drive your business and allow you to forget about prospecting, presentations and the old out-dated methods of building a network marketing business.

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