Is E-cigarette Really The Invention Of Smoking Cessation?

By: E-cig Lover

Some consider it a wonderful invention; others look on them with concern. At first they were seen as a tool for the cessation of smoking, but over the years have become increasingly considered as a substitute to actually quitting. When they first arrived on the market it was believed by most people that it was a sure fire way of stopping smoking and most health organizations welcomed them as an easy way for people to break the habit. Unfortunately , that didnít prove to be the case. An artificial substitute for inhaling nicotine is just that, a replacement or displacement of the craving, but doesnít actually stop the addiction. That isnít to say that some people did have success breaking their habits by using electronic cigarettes, but it is more due to will power than any make-believe cigarettes.An electronic cigarette can be a great help if you are trying to quit smoking. The best way to stop is to go Ďcold turkeyí and just tell yourself that you wonít smoke again. Oh yeah, very easy! Most of us canít do that, we need a little help.Smoking is not just a habit, it is an addiction. One that many people struggle to overcome for many years. What ex-smoker hasnít tried several times to quit before summonsing up the will power necessary to stop? Nicotine patches and electronic cigarettes can help.

First invented by a Mr Herbert Gilbert back in 1963 the interest in it as a commercial venture petered out around 1967. It wasnít until the year 2000 that a Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, designed the e-cigarette that we know today. They entered the Chinese domestic market in 2004. Between 2005-2006 they started being exported all around the world. Also known as the electric inhaler or personal vaporizer. Basically, it vaporizes e liquid nicotine solution by heating it until it becomes an aerosol type spray that can be inhaled. Manufactured to look like a cigarette it has four basic parts. The cartridge is the part that you put into your mouth and also acts as liquid reservoir. The atomizer is the heating coil that warms the liquid and turns it into vapour. Together, they are also called the cartomizer. Lastly, the battery, which is very small, made of lithium and can be recharged. The liquid used in these e-cigarettes consist of a tiny amount of nicotine concentrate mixed with a solution of glycol or glycerine, which is also flavoured. Glycol and glycerine are the most commonly used solutions with which the nicotine is diluted, but other chemicals can be used. Because of the chemicals used, there has been concern over replacing one set of harmful chemicals with another. There have been some potentially dangerous chemicals found in some brands. The health debate continues.Despite the health concerns voiced when they were first put on the market, the manufacturers now say that they are less potentially harmful than they were before, due to higher quality chemicals used in them. The immediate benefits of using an electronic cigarette over an ordinary one are; not producing more tar in your lungs, better smelling breath and your clothes donít stink of smoke all the time. Also, the air in your living environment is a lot fresher. Thereís no more need to keep emptying ashtrays all the time or continuously search for matches or your lighter. No more fear of burning the house down by falling asleep with a cigarette in your hand!

The World Health Organization has claimed that there are no effective studies that prove that they are safe and effective in reducing smoking. There has also been some concern over the chemicals used in them. Other studies differ. The American F.D.A., although it doesnít condemn them outright, it does discourage their use, claiming that there isnít enough evidence in their favour. As you would expect, the Electronic Cigarette Association doesnít agree. They point to a study carried out by the Boston University Public Health Unit which claims they found traces of harmful carcinogens lower than a thousand times the level of ordinary cigarettes and that there is little to be concerned about. The Canadian authorities have banned them, believing their harmlessness hasnít been proved. The United Kingdom prefers the use of the e cigarette to trying to quit alone. They believe that nicotine patches and e-cigarettes all help smokers stop. While the debate rages, more and more people are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking.Using an e cigarette can now make you socially acceptable. One problem for people who are trying to give up is what to do with their hands! You donít just use your mouth when smoking. Being able to ape the actions of real smoking helps. Good for women who are pregnant, but canít quit. Substituting electronic cigarettes for real ones can mean the difference between large and small insurance premiums too!

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