Is Cardio One Of The Best Exercises To Help Lose Weight Quickly?

By: Michael Davis

Like most of the other millions of people out there looking for exercises to lose weight quickly, you have probably seen or been told that you should add cardio exercises to your workout routine in order to lose weight quickly.

Even if you have not added cardio exercise to your routine to lose weight, you need to better understand it or you might not be getting the best weight loss results from it.

The problem that many people have is that they get too focused on the details of the exercise, whether its the type of equipment that they use, the speed at which they are doing it or the length of time that they are exercising.

There are people who will get on a treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour and barely break a sweat and think that since they ran for an hour they will lose weight.

Then there are other people who start a massively intense workout routine, such as a circuit training routine and push their body to its limits for 5 minutes. They are drenched in sweat and can barely breathe and are thus assured that they are doing the best exercise to lose weight.

What both groups are missing is that it is not the length of time, nor the intensity that directly impacts the weight loss they are receiving through this exercise, it is the number of calories they are burning.

Your body is different from everyone elses. The way it reacts to exercise and to losing weight is different. If you do not focus on burning calories and finding the right exercise for you to do this, you will have trouble with losing the weight.

To lose weight quickly you need to find exercises that burn calories regardless of the intensity or the duration of the exercise. If you can find the right balance you will notice that you will lose weight more quickly than you had thought you could.

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