Is Botnet Real Threat To Your PC?

By: Brooke M. Perry

If are using computer and the Internet, then online threat is one domain where you can’t afford to remain illiterate. Among other things, botnet is one such highly risky online threat about which you must know, learn its symptoms and precautions.

What is Botnet?

Let us first understand the concept of Botnet, which has a negative or malicious connotation. It is a combination of two words: Bot + Internet. In the computing language, bot means a robot. Hence, the term Botnet refers to robot and the Internet.

Technically, Botnet is the collection of ‘Internet-connected programs’ through which other similar programs can be commanded to perform certain tasks. As mentioned above, these programs are used for malicious purposes. Criminals first infect the computers and transform them into malicious robots, also known as zombies that perform automated tasks over the Internet, without the knowledge of the owner. Likewise, a loop is created and cybercriminals continue using the bots to inject malicious software into large number of computers using the Internet network.

Through the medium of these malicious robots, criminals can send spam email messages, attack computers and servers, spread viruses, and commit various other kinds of online crimes. The main problem with Botnet is that, if your computer has been transformed into Botnet, you won’t be able to recognize it and unknowingly you will end up helping the criminals.

How to Know That Your Computer Has Been Infected by Botnet

If your computer has become a part of the Botnet collection and has got involved in the spreading of malicious software across the Internet connection, then that computer will become very slow. Other common symptoms in this regard are:

Pop-up advertisements all the time:After getting infected by a bot, your computer will see many unwanted pop-up ads from websites that you might not have visited even once. Such ads are mostly the objectionable ads of adult websites and other similar portals.
Automatic change in the setting:Under the bot attack, you may find that your home page or search page settings have got changed of its own. Even the re-adjusting of these settings to its original standard gets impossible as the settings continue changing of its own.
Additional components:If you see that your computer has many additional components that you have never downloaded then this can be a symptom of Botnet attack. Unwanted software might get added to the toolbar of your web browser and even if you try removing these, they might return each time you restart your PC.

Ways to Prevent Botnet Attacks?

Botnet is hazardous to your computer, because it makes your computer perform tasks without your knowledge, and unknowingly you are contributing to the online crime racket. Hence, it is important to take maximum prevention to avoid attacks.

For prevention, it is important to understand the methods through which Cybercriminals penetrate through your computer's defenses and convert it into malicious software. There are basically two ways of doing so:

Firstly, the cyber criminal will install Botnet malware into your computer using the unintended vulnerabilities or by breaking into your accounts protected by weak passwords.
Secondly, they will try to trick you into installing their malicious software.

In light of the above mentioned two points, it can be concluded that if you want to protect your computer from the attack then you must strengthen your PC’s defenses and shouldn’t get tricked by cyber criminals.

Strengthen your computer's defenses

Your computer and Internet security can be increased by:

Antivirus Install:Install a trusted antivirus and antispyware program that will monitor your computer and perform periodic scan to restrict the entry of viruses and spyware.
Software Update:Make it a habit to keep all your software latest and updated. After the duration of every two or three months perform a random check on the official website of the software installed on your PC to see if new updates are released. In case of availability, install the updates as early as possible.
Strong password:Wherever you are required to keep passwords, make a point to use very strong password and always keep them secret.
Firewall:Ensure that the firewall of your computer is always turned on. If you turn it off even for a minute, you will project your computer to utmost online dangers.

Avoid Being Tricked Into Downloading Malware

After being aware of the Botnet, you need to become self conscious and try to avoid all possible channels through which cybercriminals can trick you into downloading the malware.

Always download, movies, pictures and videos from trusted sites
Avoid clicking links showing objectionable adult content
Don’t click on links appearing on emails and instant messages (IM) that claim you of winning an iPhone, holiday trip or such things for just $ 1 or 2.
You may get scared seeing some warning that your computer has a virus. If the warning is not from the antivirus programs personally installed by you on the computer, then avoid clicking on such fake warnings.

To keep your computer protected from becoming a part of Botnet collection, make efforts to enhance its security. Hence, keep the firewall on and instal trusted software. Rest you should also check your computing habits and must learn the difference between legitimate and faulty websites, so that you can avoid clicking on risky links.

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