Is Astrology Just Superstition?

By: Mark Patterson

Astrology is the study of a person's personality, traits or characters using the position of the bodies of the solar planet at the time the person to do so;

The rise of Astrology began as the Early Man made a concerted attempt to study and understand the environment around him Things like times and season eventually gave man the understanding of the Earth's power and led to the study of the solar system eventually Thus, Astrology was born.

Each sign has specific traits or characteristics that are manifested by the individuals born under them; for instance the Arian tends to exhibit the stubborn traits of the ram sign the Gemini confuse people with the duality of the twin sign.

The popularity of Astrology in these recent times can be seen in the proliferation of Astrological websites, books, seminars and newspaper; it seems with the advancement of man comes the burning desire to know what happens next.
You can have your star sign checked out just in case you don't know what it is, there are several materials that can give you a fairly good idea about your star sign and what to expect in the future Newspapers is a good source as most of them have daily horoscope readings.

The most conclusive material ever written on Astrology till date was the tetrabiblos (the four books); it was written by Ptolemy Claudius and contains detailed information about the principle of ideology. The book was used by many Arabian and European scholars because of its cohesiveness.

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