Is An IVA Accessible By Reviewing Over My Credit Score?

By: Reiner Jaden

Yes, your IVA will show up on your credit report. Donít worry it is not going to state anything bad, its simply going to show that you actually rectified your debt situation instead of trying to make it obsolete like a bankruptcy does.

You will be given a letter of completion once your IVA has ended. You will also be given a certificate that will state that your IVA has been finalized. This may seem a little weird to some people, like they have just finished school or something, but there is a legitimate reason why you are given these documents at the end of the IVA process.

You will be able to take the documents that are given to you at the end of your IVA, and use them to show third parties that you have completed an IVA arrangement. Many creditors will love seeing that you filed an IVA, because it shows that you were willing to repay your debts. And you are responsible and hold true to your statements of repaying what you owe. In a way people who file bankruptcy look like they couldnít hold up to their end of the bargain with creditors therefore they had their debt simply written off.

Every debt that you cover through paying the IVA will be marked as a satisfied debt. A satisfied debt will allow your credit score the ability to rise. You need to ensure that you send out your documentation stating you completed the IVA to all your creditors that you were submitting payments to, so they can address the debt as being rectified and give you your credit worthiness back.

People do not mean to fall subject to debt, and at Just Debts, we completely understand your frustrations. Thatís why we care enough to show you an easy way to rebuild your credit worthiness; today IVAís are the only way to go. Get help with your IVA today by visiting, and get the advice you need to get you out of Debt and secure financial freedom.

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