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By: edward fery

Why companies make a logo for their business? Because a logo design is a future investment, it is a future investment in a sense that the logo design will not only affect its customers, consumers as well as normal public today. But it’s worth will increase with time and in the coming years when the company establishes its roots its logo will be a worth more and people will try to invest in it.
Take the example of apple inc. Apple share in 1990 was 10$ per share but when it introduced its iPhones and then iPads its shares increased to 700$. Anyone having shares at that time would be a millionaire by now.
So by above described example we can understand that a logo is a future investment. But if we talk about logo design of an investment industry, then is it also a future investment? Although yes, logo of any company when gets old, it’s worth increase with time, but if we talk about the investment logo. Then how it should be designed then?
We will here explain a little bit of things which need to be designed in investment company logo design and financial logo designs.
What shapes to use in a logo design?
When we start designing a logo we ask ourselves what comes to our mind when we hear the word investment or finance. Obviously something related to economics. But then what is economics? It’s the scarce resources and how to cope up with them. Finance on the other hand is money whether in USD or Euro. And investment is to increase our income's worth.
So, we can now suppose a shape of coins, or a graph that represents the economical terms.
These are some of the shapes we can use when designing a logo of our investment company.
After we have selected the shape of our company, which is here the shape of a 3d graph chart for our investment company logo design. So, now we will think about the next thing that is the color
What color to use?
Again we will think about the company and the business, investment and financial logo design colors are the same color of currency or primary colors and the basic color black. These all colors depict different info. Red is for boldness and power, Black is for authority and royalty while green is for peace and blue is for the future outlook.

And in the end we will come to the fonts:
What is the font and typography of an investment company logo design should be? Investment is our money that gets better with time. That is solid income! For future generation so we can say that our typography needs to be solid fonts. And these companies are professionals and doing corporate business so a professional look is needed.
As you can see our logo is ready with all the colors the shapes and the fonts we used.

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