Investing in High-Grade Gear for Your Horse - When Is It Worth It?

By: Simon Mcbride

Raising a horse is serious business, and you have to be aware of all the options available to you if you want to make the most of it. Needless to say, you'll have to spend a lot of money to make your horse the best it can be, but you'll definitely appreciate the results of your effort in the end if you're careful and you plan ahead properly.

One of the common questions that arise during the course of raising a horse is whether or not it's worth investing in “premium,” high-grade equipment that costs more money but also obviously brings better quality to the table. While the answer is subjective in the end, it still does pay to look into this part of the market so you'll know what you can spend your money on if you decide to use a larger budget.

There are generally two types of products that you can spend extra money on – ones that improve the quality of the base product, and those that have a purely aesthetic/cosmetic purpose, making your horse look better at races and such but not really affecting its performance in any way.

The first category is obviously more important if you're looking to help your horse develop better. There are many things that can give you better results if you invest in their more expensive counterparts, with saddles being a good example of that. You can even buy some protective pads that go under or over the saddle in order to make it more comfortable for the horse, as well as minimize the risk of injuries (for both you and the horse).

Straps can also be bought in better variants than what you would commonly find on the market, and they can give you quite a good experience. Quality leather straps tend to last much longer than their regular counterparts, and they also carry a much smaller risk of causing harm to the horse. And this is also an area that allows you to invest in some purely cosmetic improvements like we described above – for example, you can buy a fancy belt buckle, or a pair of good riding shoes for yourself.

So as you can see, the answer to the original question is not that simple. While we can objectively say that it's definitely worth paying extra to get products that give you better and longer quality, we can't so easily say the same for cosmetic improvements. Whether or not those are worth for your horse is something you'll have to decide entirely by yourself, but if you care about presentation and you want to make a good impression on people, it's definitely something you would want to invest into. After all, when you're at a horse show, a large part of the results is determined by the presentation and not so much by the actual skills displayed, so you can benefit a lot from showing something that pleases people's eyes and turns heads towards you.

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Investing a lot of money in high-grade gears may be a little risky. Follow here to know the various factors that need to be considered, before spending on one.

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